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10 Reasons to Buy Crystals Over Diamonds

10 Reasons to Buy Crystals Over Diamonds

When someone says “Swarovski Crystal” most people will think luxurious, expensive, and sparkly. When someone says “Diamonds” what do most people think of? Luxurious, expensive and sparkly! In a down economy, we all have had to make some cut backs on the unnecessary things in our lives. This is a time when being “thrifty” gets you what you want, but might take a little more work. Why not take this approach when deciding on a purchase for something that is luxurious, expensive, and sparkly?

Probably for this same exact reason, it has become a rapidly growing trend for designers to use Swarovski Crystals to add more value and extravagance to their existing work. Just sign up for Swarovski Google Alerts and you will see exactly this. Everything from doggie accessories, high fashion runway garments, cell phone cases, computers, cameras, watches, glasses, Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia, telescopes, even the Lamborghini Murcielago is sparkling!

Since 1895, Swarovski has inspired creative trends in jewelry, fashion, accessories, and interior design. Designers like Armani, Daisy Lowe, Tarun Tahiliani, and even many men’s designers are using Swarovski Crystals to kick things up a notch and offer something they consider lavish. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Claudia Schiffer, and Paris Hilton (all very wealthy) have publicly showed their love for the brand.

This is why I have put together 10 Great Reasons To Buy Crystal Over Diamonds to assure you, you are making the right decision!

10.) You love the fact that when you tell someone their gift is made with Swarovski Crystal, they are delightfully surprised.

9.) Swarovski Crystals come in hundreds of shapes, sizes and colors.

8.) You know nothing about certificates, inclusions, grading scales, and colors.

7.) A diamond over 1 carat, can cost over $1,000, when the same-size crystal ring costs $125

6.) If you lose a Swarovski Crystal you won’t cry over it

5.) You can’t tell the difference between a diamond ring and a crystal ring

4.) You like to Do-It-Yourself

3.) No miners or diggers were harmed or exploited during the making of your crystals

2.) No massive environmental damage was done to make your crystals

1.) You want to give your a girlfriend a ring as a promise you are saving up for the expensive diamond!

If every designer and celebrity out there is enjoying Swarovski crystal, you can too. Break the status quo and get a luxury upgrade without hurting your budget!

For more information on a Diamond’s Journey, go to: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15842524/ns/world_news/