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10 Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

10 Reasons to Renovate Instead of Moving

Tired of looking around at the same four walls? Are you contemplating selling your home and moving into another because maybe you need more space, or your home is just not quite “working” as it is now?

Many home owners decide, for a wide variety of reasons that it’s time to find a new house. Sadly, in the current economic climate, you may find that selling your home takes months or even years.

Therefore it is no surprise that, in the current property market, many home owners, like you, are contemplating renovating their current home instead of moving.

Here are the top ten reasons why more and more people are deciding to renovate instead of trying to move home:

1. Save money – renovating generally costs less than buying a new home. Especially when you take into account all the costs associated with buying and selling such as legal fees, stamp duty, moving costs, etc.

2. No moving hassle – moving means telling people of a new address and phone number and changing insurances and that’s without the upheaval of the move itself. And, of course, if you have children, there may be new schools to find and the challenge of their friends no longer being next door. Sure, there is some upheaval with renovating (you’ll need to move some of your furniture around) but it is generally far less painful than moving home.

3. You get more of what you want – when moving to a new home, it is unlikely that everything will be perfect there either. If you renovate your own home you can discuss your exact needs with the builder and you may find that you can get a much better result than by buying a house that was built for somebody else.

4. Low interest loans available – if you need a loan to do the renovation, then the banks have the cash and are willing to lend it to you at good interest rates. And, of course, you will probably need to borrow less for a renovation than for a move.

5. Easy to find builders for smaller jobs – in the current economy, there are less new homes being built. This means that there are more builders available to help you with your renovation, even if it is a small one.

6. Save time – builders can be in and starting on a renovation for you surprisingly quickly. How long might you have to be staring at the same four walls, wishing and hoping, while trying to sell your home?

7. Improved quality – the economic crisis has rid the industry of many fly-by-night businesses leaving the better builders still in business

8. Energy savings – during the renovation, you can use energy saving products and appliances to help lower your future utility bills.

9. Added value – when you are ready to sell, the renovations can increase the appeal and selling value of your home.

10. The “Feel good” factor – with a renovation your home will get a fresh, new look with the things you chose, where you want them, in the colours your chose and it is all new and clean and it just feels GREAT!

A home is the single biggest investment you will ever make. If you love your home, the neighbourhood and local amenities why bother moving? Why not renovate instead?

You can expand your home (add on that much needed extra room) or contract it (remove that old conservatory or combine two rooms into one) or just simply upgrade it (create the perfect kitchen or the bathroom of your dreams).

There really is no better time than now to invest in your home and create your ideal home.