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A Brief History of Popcorn Ceilings

A Brief History of Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings are normally the first matter to go on reno displays these times, but it was not as well long ago that they ended up commonly popular. If you have at any time puzzled why this design element was ever chosen in the initial location, you’re not by yourself. Examine on to understand much more about the heritage of popcorn ceilings, in accordance to people in the market who know about its complex previous.

Why They Received to Be So Nicely Preferred

“It was an low-cost and straightforward way to conceal imperfections and continue to give the illusion of a stunning white finish,” explains Tina MartinDelCampo, founder of Tina Martin Interiors.

This ceiling trend began in the 1950s and continued until the ‘80s. “They could be observed in quite a few new lower- to mid-price housing developments and multi-tale household properties,” elaborates Decorist designer Maria DeLucia. “The age and style of residences varied tremendously since it was utilized in each new building and renovations of more mature variations.” 

Popcorn ceilings had been preferred mainly because of the practical capabilities that they offered. For starters, applying this end was more rapidly than earning ceilings clean, which have to be drywalled, primed, and painted. The texture of popcorn ceilings only covers any insignificant to average irregularities and eradicates the have to have to implement, feather, and sand various layers or fill in holes, says Jordan Fulmer, founder of Momentum Property Alternatives, a house renovation company.

Its rapid and very affordable software was specifically beneficial in the ‘50s, which marked the start off of a construction explosion. The ten years noticed a sharp maximize in the range of houses currently being designed to accommodate the increasing overall economy and burgeoning suburbs pursuing Planet War II. Popcorn ceilings could keep up with this need for velocity, preserving builders time and power.

Along with remaining economical and hiding imperfections, popcorn ceilings also had audio-dampening qualities. “They can lessen echoes in a room just like carpet or acoustic wall panels,” claims Fulmer. In places where by a person might have loud neighbors — like apartment buildings and colleges — popcorn ceilings grew to become ever more frequent.

What Induced Their Downfall

A critical product in mid-century popcorn ceilings was the impetus of their downfall. Popcorn remedy initially contained asbestos, which was found out to be unsafe to human health. “Asbestos is a natural fiber mineral that can be unveiled into the air and trigger critical wellness issues, like most cancers, if inhaled or ingested,” MartinDelCampo explains.

But popcorn ceilings that contains asbestos typically aren’t damaging except disturbed. When ruined, crumbled, or taken off, they can be unsafe. When the use of asbestos was banned in all U.S. houses as element of the Clear Air Act in the late 1970s, makers switched to small particles of vermiculite or polystyrene instead of asbestos, DeLucia says. Nonetheless, the association these ceilings had with asbestos ultimately caused them to garner a negative name. They steadily declined in level of popularity right after the ‘80s, and popcorn ceilings haven’t manufactured a comeback considering that.

Now, popcorn ceilings are hardly ever, if at any time, selected in a new build. “It’s considered as outdated and can even reduced the benefit of your house,” states Katherine Meyers, Layout Supervisor at Guest Residence, a dwelling staging corporation. They aren’t just passé — the design trend is actively disliked by many. “Almost all of my purchasers respond negatively to a popcorn ceiling,” states MartinDelCampo. “It’s a person of the quite to start with matters they have properly eradicated from the household.” (All of the designers I spoke to for this article agree, nevertheless there are even now some supporters!)

Though popcorn ceilings could be missing like now, even though, they surely experienced their second in design historical past and solved difficulties in their heyday. In latest years, a new strategy has stuffed the exact niche. “Many freshly-crafted households have used ‘knockdown texture’ as an alternative of popcorn,” Fulmer clarifies. “This texture is a small more refined, even though continue to offering builders the added benefits of masking drywall imperfections.” (Popcorn ceilings have a extra brazen cottage cheese texture, which is why they are also regarded as “cottage cheese ceilings,” because the initial combination appeared like the dairy food items when sprayed on.)

As for what to do if you have popcorn ceilings? Getting rid of them oneself is really messy and labor-intensive — and possibly risky. If not, you can employ the service of anyone to do so professionally. “Expect to invest at the very least $1 to $2 for each sq. foot,” Meyers suggests.

Or you may just enable them stick around. With layout trends always coming and likely, you could just be a single of the to start with to provide the notorious popcorn ceiling back.