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A Few Tips to Decorate Your House With Vertical Gardens

A Few Tips to Decorate Your House With Vertical Gardens

No need of a garden or big yard to fulfill your wish of having beautiful plants and flowers in your house when there are vertical gardens. These gardens do not need much space, and you can grow them anywhere in your house. The best thing about them is that you can design them according to your style and design.

Here are a few simple tips to decorate your house with flowers and plants:

Style with Tiffin Boxes

If you are a beginner, start decorating your house with some simple gardening ideas. Look for some Tiffin boxes in your kitchen or buy some from the market, and fix them on a wooden wall. Take at least eight to nine Tiffin carriers to cover the entire wall. Fill these pots with decorative plants, so that the wall looks colorful and gorgeous. With this idea, you can cover your ugly-looking wall and make it look colorful.

Painting With Ferns and Mosses

Whatever you call it, a 3D painting or just a hanging garden, this masterpiece can amaze all your guests. Install a simple wooden board on your dining space and plant some plants like mosses and ferns inside it. This looks amazing because you get a lovely combination of dark and light green leafs. Not only the dining or hall rooms, you can also use this gardening idea in the balconies and doorways.

Garden in a Pouch

Most of the people feel irritated because of their dirty and ugly backyard walls. Do not worry, when you can cover them up with pouch gardens. This is a simple technique and also very popular one. Take a thick cloth, hung it on the walls so that it looks like a pouch. Fill these pouches with colorful and vibrant plants and make your ugly backyard look beautiful.

Wall Hanging

Small wall spaces look bare and dull, especially if it is in the balcony or garden area. You can make it colorful and lively by installing a wall hanging garden. This is very easy, just take small cloth baskets and hang it upon the wall. Now, fill them up with small-sized plants of various colors. You can also add flowering plants in those baskets.

Planting In a Group

For this style, you need a big size wall where you can hang various types of plants. Hang any type of plant you want, starting from the flowering ones to vegetable. Set this up in the exterior of your house and place two chairs because it creates a great ambiance.

These are few ideas that you can use to transform the look of your house. There are many companies who can create these gardens for you, but in the first stages you can take the help of these ideas and make some of your own.