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American and North American Dining and Leather Living Furniture Is Stronger Than Ever

American and North American Dining and Leather Living Furniture Is Stronger Than Ever

With manufacturers like Palliser, Dinec, Trica, Amisco, Tempo and simply Amish, North America is climbing its way back into the hearts of Americans when it comes to quality. In recent years America has seen furniture manufacturing abandon this country faster than rats from a sinking ship. This sad turn of events is a direct result of a bad economy and a tremendous push from importers driving the prices lower and lower. Along with the decline of the prices goes the quality as well. Common sense has to kick in eventually when it comes to cheap. Every adult in this country knows the difference between a steak-um and a sirloin. It amazes me how so many people turn a blind eye when it comes to buying well made furniture for their family to use and enjoy.

The manufacturers I mentioned have decided to just stop chasing a falling price and return to producing furniture with pride and quality. These companies are not overpriced. These companies are priced exactly where they should be for such workmanship and attention to detail. I am seeing the backlash from consumers who have purchased these substandard goods and are now back in the market for replacements. These consumers are now starting to search for manufacturers by name and not just walk into the store and buy what looks good because the price is right.

If it’s wrought iron and glass you are searching for, Tempo Industries out of California makes hundreds of styles which are all available in different configurations and finishes. Palliser Furniture from Canada is the market leader when it comes to home theater seating as well as sofas sectionals and recliners. All their pieces are available in hundreds of leathers and fabrics. When Berkline who was importing went pout of business last year because they pushed their own price point to low to sustain life Palliser’s business grew 33%. One of the best kept secrets in this country is a manufacturer called Simply Amish. They are anything but. Whether it’s a farmhouse Pennsylvania Dutch look you seek or a fine lined contemporary casual set, they have it. All their pieces are available in hundreds of finishes and wood types. Their catalogue could be the largest most comprehensive book I’ve ever seen in all my years. When it comes to stylish metal and glass or stone, Amisco and Trica lead the pack. There isn’t an importer on the market today which can come close to these guys in terms of what they can offer. With hundreds of combinations when it comes to finishes and upholstery what more could one want.