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Best Options for a Modern Custom Exterior Wooden Door

Best Options for a Modern Custom Exterior Wooden Door

Custom exterior wooden doors are essential for most homes since they increase the overall value of the property and offer a beautiful look that works well with virtually any decorative period or style. If there is a home that requires a little decorative change, especially to get into a more modern era, there are a few things that can be done to existing wooden exterior doors or for anyone looking to invest in a new custom exterior wooden door.

Regardless of the budget or the current look of a home, by simply changing the door, the overall look will immediately change by creating a whole new look without spending thousands of dollars as other people do to repaint and redesign the exterior of their homes.


Carvings on custom exterior wooden doors make it look rich and expensive. There are so many different options available that can be done according to specific details that are wanted for a specific look. By hiring an expert to carve the desired design, it’s a way to ensure a professional job, which is well worth the initial investment. If someone is willing to take a gamble on lower standards, they will also have to brace themselves for disappointment.

Colour or Tint Treatment

Another big option for modernizing custom exterior wooden doors is simply by changing the colour. Whether a natural wood colour is desired or something vibrant and bold, there are many different variations of high-quality tints and paints that make the doors look beautiful and stand out in a stylish way.

For a natural wood look, choose from a variety of tints and sealers that not only add a richer colour but also protect the door from the elements for long-lasting beauty. When it comes to colours, virtually anything goes for homeowners who are not planning to sell, however those who are looking to make a sale in the near future should consider a more subtle approach to colour since not everyone appreciates a bold statement in the front of a home. The one exception would naturally be a cute contemporary style home with the classic red door. Add a lovely knocker and it’s a true beauty.

Window Treatments

Something that people will either love or they will absolutely love is the addition of windows and window treatments for custom exterior wooden doors. They are a stunning feature to have in the front of the home and they are ideal for letting in more natural light. Some people choose to have bare windows in the doors while others prefer something more private, windows and the various treatments change the overall look and feel of a home, while also providing yet another feature that many feel is warm and inviting.

Modernizing and updating a home doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but it does pay to invest a little every few years or so. Custom exterior wooden doors are one of those items that can have minor changes with major impact and since it is one of the first things that many people notice upon seeing a house, it’s worth to have it looking its best, which also means updated to look modern with the current styles and trends. Take the time to consider which changes will work best and look at the options that are available, that ensure satisfaction in the end.