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Blending His & Her Styles

Blending His & Her Styles

You enjoy long walks, early morning walks and a quiet, cozy evening in with a book and a blanket. He enjoys sleeping in, sports on the television and Sunday back-to-back double features at the movies. It’s not unlikely, then, that your sense of style does not coincide with yours. From the color of your outdoor shutters to the type of carpet in your bathroom, you might butt heads on what your ideal home may be decorated like. To avoid any future conflicts or resentful behavior, follow these tips to blend your style with his so you’ll both be satisfied and you’ll achieve that professionally-designed look to your home that you’ve always dreamed about.

Imagine the Possibilities

Especially if you’re moving to a new home or apartment, redesigning may be on the forefront of your mind. Slow down and relax; giving your home a makeover does not have to be accomplished overnight. Instead, take time to think, plan and budget. Before you commit to a project, have a brainstorming session. Have each of you draw or list the ideal aspects of the project (such as the ideal fixtures in your master bathroom such as spa jets and bath pillows). If you’re both running out of ideas, ask family and friends for suggestions or tips on what not to do. Use magazine cut outs, newspaper clippings or things you’ve seen on television as resources. By listing these aspects, you’ll not only see how you both prioritize features as well as get a feel for areas where you can compromise.

Color It In

The exterior of your home may need a facelift. His favorite color may be sea foam green and not something you really want all the neighbors to know. Don’t totally reject the idea of a green home immediately (even thought it may cause symptoms of nausea). Instead of sea foam, allow him to pick a softer, less glaring green hue that will compliment a neutral tone. For interior color disputes, designate a room for each to create their ideal accent wall. Accept constructive criticism as well. This way, you both get what you want!

Say Goodbye to the Golden Days/Years/Era

You might have been homecoming queen in the 80s-complete with poofy hair and a tacky gown. He might have been Mr. Football at his big college campus. Both of you are pack rats. Solve this space-cluttering dilemma with a game of trading. Dust off and collect all your throwback belongings in one area and create a “his” pile and a “her” pile. Now, switch your pile and eliminate things you think should see the dumpster. Be mindful and respectful; his prized beer mug was hard earned! Once done, allow five or so items to remain-but clearly state their function or purpose as well as where they’ll be stored. If you’re going to keep boxes of old junk you never see, you might as well cut the ties now and say adios to those good ‘ole days.

Talk Numbers

Let’s face it, when designing and styling your home, men mostly don’t want to be involved. They don’t care whether your hallway is ivory or eggshell. What they do often care about is money. If ivory costs an extra $50, he might care a bit more. So whether you’re ripping up the carpeting, fitting your windows with shades and blinds or considering refurbishing the worn couches, give him the cold hard facts. This will help you stay organized and stick to a budget, as well as include him in on the projects.

Mixing and matching his and her styles no longer has to involve headaches or arguments. When redecorating and redesigning your space together, keep the mood fun and friendly. Be sure to communicate your feelings openly. Who knows? You might find out you like sea foam green after all!