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Deck and Patio – Adding an Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining Friends and Family

Deck and Patio – Adding an Outdoor Kitchen for Entertaining Friends and Family

When you own a home there is nothing better to do on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, than spend time with your family and friends as you all hang out and enjoy some food and drinks on your deck and patio. Everyone loves to cook and eat outdoors, especially during the warmer months of summer, and we like to do this as often as the weather conditions will allow. But a real thrill would be to cook and entertain everyone while cooking in an outdoor kitchen.

When your adding an outdoor kitchen to your deck and patio, there are several things about the design of the kitchen that have to be taken into consideration such as:

Custom design or basic Kitchen Grill

Probably the most important aspect of the whole outdoor kitchen is its actual design. Obviously, if you’re looking to have the total outdoor kitchen cooking experience, then you’re going to want to have a custom kitchen designed to your specific wants and needs, this can include the type of counter top materials used and the actual table top configuration.

Over Head Shelter or Cover

This aspect of the kitchen design will vary because of climate and location of where your home is located, but you can choose from a retractable awning to an oversized pergola.

Type of masonry for the grill

There are a few important choices that will affect the total design aspect of your outdoor grill. The type of material used to build the actual grill will help define the grills overall look and also how you cook with it. There are grills that are made of cinder block, regular masonry stone and even brick. The other decision is if you just want to use brick as an enclosure for a regular gas range with an outdoor grilling area as part of it, or if you plan to actually build a grill that you will use with such materials as wood or charcoal to do your actual cooking. Most people opt for the gas grill option, but the idea of a working wood or charcoal stove also has its appeal and there are many homeowners who just love that aspect as you can also use it to burn wood during the colder months and enjoy the colder weather comfortably.


So, here we have to look at the little extras that will make this a total outdoor kitchen. Appliances that you may want to have as part of your kitchen may include a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a waste disposal unit, and a wine cooler. Just remember that the more appliances that you include in your kitchen plan the more extensive the electrical wiring will have to be, but this and other aspects of a project such as this will have to be discussed with your contractor.

Now, the great thing about a project like this, is that the homeowners get to enjoy a lifestyle of outdoor living, that in many cases may be a year round affair, but even if your only able to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for a relatively short duration of time throughout the year for those months, your outdoor kitchen is going to let you spend more time outdoors with your friends and family. And the best part about having an outdoor kitchen is the opportunity it affords you to relax, and spend more time outdoors enjoying your deck and patio.