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Decorating With Canvas Prints – 5 Interior Designing Tips

Decorating With Canvas Prints – 5 Interior Designing Tips

Decorating homes and offices with canvas prints have gained popularity these days. Photos on canvas can be maintained and cleaned easily unlike traditional paintings. Prints are also more affordable wall art so they make practical decor pieces.

Another advantage to hanging pictures on canvas is the versatility. You can easily find pictures in large canvas pieces in any subject you want. It won’t be a problem to find something suitable for a modern minimalist home, a contemporary country home, a restaurant, or an office.

Before deciding on a particular canvas, you have to consider these 5 designing tips to make the best of your wall art and produce the best effect for your decor:

1) Effects of color- Understand what color can do to you and other people who see your canvas prints. If you want to create a calm and tranquil haven, you should hang canvas prints with dominant blue shades. You can lots of blue in photos of seascapes. If you want to hang prints in a young child’s room or in an infant’s nursery, yellow shades would be more suitable than tan or dark colors. Living rooms and dining rooms are great places to entertain guests. Hang prints with lots of red, gold and orange to liven up the mood.

2) Make everything match – Get canvas prints that complement the room’s theme and concept. If your home is designed in a minimalist theme, go for black and white photos on canvas, or a colored picture with a simple subject. Triptych or 3 piece canvas also look good in very modern houses. If you are decorating a beach house, hang some beach themed canvas or pictures showing underwater sea life. If you want to decorate an urban high-rise condo unit, photos of modern cities around the world would complement your urban lifestyle.

3) Make your wall art work for you – If you are decorating a small apartment, you should try hanging some landscape pictures. landscapes showing a horizon have a tendency of opening up your living space. The appearance of a faraway horizon fading into the background produces a picture window effect. If you are decorating a restaurant or bar. Use canvas prints depicting food and wine related subjects. The sight of food and wine on your walls can wet customers’ appetites and induce them to order more food or drinks. It sets the proper mood for the location and occasion.

4) Get the appropriate size – If you are decorating a small room, avoid getting prints that are too large. When decorating a large wall in a big room, then large canvas prints or canvas art sets would be appropriate. For artwork to be appreciated properly, the viewer also needs some space to move back. So, even if you are decorating a long corridor, but if the hallway is narrow, a large canvas cannot be appreciated well enough. Hang large canvas pieces where there is enough space to move back to see the whole artwork.

5) Presentation – Highlight your canvas prints by providing proper lighting. There are wall lamps specifically for lighting wall art and are placed above the canvas. Aside from lamps you can also use ceiling track lights facing the canvas. Use amber lighting with a soft glow, not glaring white light. Your can present your artwork as a formal piece by framing the canvas or as a casual type of decor by using photos stretched on galley wrapped canvas with out a frame. Hanging 3 piece canvas pieces is also a modern way of presenting wall art.

Use these tips when choosing and hanging your canvas prints in accordance with your own personal tastes. You will know if you got your decorating right if the total effect leaves you happy with what you see. If the design is not right you will instantly notice that something is off such as clashing colors or a lack of visual balance.