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Decorating with Cottage and Shabby Chic Furnishings

Decorating with Cottage and Shabby Chic Furnishings

The “Cottage Chic” decorating style is still dominant in decorating today. One can see the numerous shelter magazines that devote pages to this crisp and comforting look. So you may ask, “What is Cottage Chic”? The “Cottage Chic” style simply put is country or cottage style furnishings updated with sophisticated elements.

Decorating with the “Cottage Chic” style is fairly simple, I always begin decorating by selecting a color scheme. Keep the scheme simple. I recommend as a designer to pick a white or pale neutral color for your walls. Keeping it neutral will give you the illusion a making a room seem larger and it gives you flexibility in decorating by layering in color with fabrics, furniture and accessories. Remember by keeping it neutral, you can add or delete pieces within the room each season or even if you find a fabric you just can’t live without.

As you may have seen in magazines featuring “Cottage Chic” styles, many rooms incorporate vintage pieces that have been painted or refurbished with new pieces to create a unique look. Some examples are to use a slightly worn vintage coffee table that has been painted white and pair it with a brand new sofa.

There are many resources to finding cottage chic furniture and accessories. Traveling to quality flea markets, tag or estate sales and antique malls are a good way to collect vintage tables, wall décor, ironstone cream ware, wrought iron pieces and other vintage accessories. If you find a piece that you like, fix it if necessary and paint it white.

You can always find vintage furnishings already refurbished at reasonable prices on the Internet or at local cottage décor stores. Spend some time here since most likely, you will find a unique piece at reasonable price that has been lovingly refurbished by merchants who love “Cottage Chic” as much as you do.

Keep you mind open to possibilities, use a set of vintage suitcases as an end table base and put a piece of glass on top. Your guests will marvel at the uniqueness of the table but you can utilize the suitcases as storage as well.

Add drama and a touch of sophistication to you Cottage Chic room by reupholstering your time worn chair with a silk fabric or use a gleaming crystal lamp with your room.

Finally, the most important element to decorating is as always keeping true to your personal style. Remember a room should reflect your personality so don’t be afraid to use what you love no matter if it follows the “rules of decorating” or not.