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Demonique – The Wine With the Eyes

Demonique – The Wine With the Eyes

I was craving a glass of Merlot wine the other day so while I was at the Grocery Outlet shopping, I glanced over at the wine section. I have never purchased wines there because I know nothing about the wine companies that end up there. So while I was there I thought I take a look out of curiosity. I came across one wine maker I knew and saw that they were charging $9.99. I told myself, I’m at the Grocery Outlet I’m not paying $9.99 for a bottle of wine at a store like this. I looked up and saw an employee working there and asked the gentlemen, “Excuse me, do you recommend a good Merlot wine that you carry?” Without any hesitation the employee said, “Everyone asks do you have the wine with the eyes?”

It was a couple wines down so I picked up the bottle and saw the label. The wine was called, Demonique’ Merlot 2007. Sure enough, it had a label with eyes that looked like a demon. The wine was only $2.99. I thanked the employee and grabbed two bottles. You never know how long the same products will be available at the Grocery Outlet. If you could purchase a good bottle of Merlot that cost $2.99, great!

After I opened the wine, I noticed it had a beautiful dark ruby color. I smelled the wine next and found it to be light with a hint of what I took to be an aroma of berries. On my first taste I noticed the wine to be kind of light but smooth with a little dryness. As much as I smelled berries on the aroma I could not describe the exact fruits I did taste. But all in all I liked it very much. It was pleasant to drink and went well with our appetizers, fresh bread and assorted cheeses.

The finish to the wine was very good and long. It seemed to last and last. The finish was not harsh at all and had a very smooth and clear texture to it. To me this was a fun wine to drink, went well with the food and had good flavors in it without being overly dry or harsh. It was the kind of wine I could have drunk all night!

It turns out, my tastebuds recognized some of the wonderful flavors in the wine. This wine has aromas of berries, strawberries, and cherries with subtle nuances of integrated oak, light mocha and vanilla, which compliment the nice soft easy drinking palate. These characters continue through to a long lingering balanced finished. Score- based on the review above, I would give this wine either a 3 or 4 stars. It all depends on your perspective.

This wine is made by the E2 Family Winery located in Lodi, California and has been in business since 1922. So…..pop the cork, kick back and enjoy this phenomenal wine at an unbelievable value… Demonique Merlot.

Never be afraid to check out your discount stores for a good wine. Sometimes they just carry overstock. You never know where you might find your next bottle of good wine. And of course you are getting a great deal on it. Don’t hesitate to ask the grocer for their recommendation on their best seller.

As always, Enjoy being in the kitchen!