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Eco-Homes Will Significantly Reduce Gas and Electricity Consumption

Eco-Homes Will Significantly Reduce Gas and Electricity Consumption

Modern approaches to saving on gas and electricity don’t come much more radical than building an entire eco-house but the Government is keen to make environmental sustainability a key driver in modern housing, so eco-houses may become a norm rather than an extravagance a few years down the line.

Whilst it is pleasing to know that in an eco-home the impact on the environment is reduced by using materials which are longer lasting and environmentally sustainable, the real bonus for consumers is that price-wise, an eco-home should bring your gas and electricity bills right down. One estimate predicted that with all the clean energy efficiencies of a modern eco-home, customers could expect to pay just £85 a year on gas and electricity.

The design of various eco-homes varies and different homes will use a range of applications depending on where they are situated to make use of renewable energies. Most eco-homes will use some form of solar panelling in the roof which can be used to heat the water in the house or provide electricity for lights and appliances.

Ground source heat pumps are a relatively unknown technology in the UK but have been used in Scandinavia for years. In Sweden, 97 per cent of new-build homes are installed with ground source heat pump systems in order to save on gas and electricity usage. The technology works by installing piping into your garden which collects heat from the ground and feeds it into your home.

Even in the dead of winter when it is cold outside, it is still warm underground, which means heat can be transferred to the home naturally without depending on burning oil or gas. Ground source heat pumps are so efficient that they can cut your annual gas and electricity bill by 70 per cent.

Specially designed patios can also be used to collect and filter rain water into the water system which is then used in the toilet cisterns to save on your water consumption. With the innovations of modern eco-homes, you can really make savings on your gas and electricity bills. However, you don’t have to wait for eco-homes to become the standard before you get your hands on the technology, get out there and use it now, then reap the rewards of huge utility savings.