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Energy Efficiency Lighting is a Key Cost Saving Measure

Energy Efficiency Lighting is a Key Cost Saving Measure

When we think about cutting energy costs, we often focus on singular elements that use a significant amount of electricity, such as large-scale machines. However, research shows that over 30 percent of commercial electric bills are the result of interior lighting. While one little light bulb costs almost nothing, thousands of them can produce an annual light bill that runs into five or six figures. As a result, many companies choose to work with an energy efficient consultant to arrive at cost effective lighting solutions. There are various energy efficiency lighting practices that can help companies slash energy costs, but three common approaches involve fluorescent lighting, photoluminescent lighting and automatic light dimmers.

Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lamps are nearly fives times as energy efficient as incandescent lamps and can last up to 20 times as long. Most commercial buildings employ some form of fluorescent lighting, such as long tube lighting in corridors and hallways. However, many buildings don’t use fluorescent lighting in personal workspaces or confined interiors. As a result, the cost benefit of using fluorescent lighting becomes negligible. Just as we often fail to consider the collective energy cost of interior lighting as a whole, we often fail to consider the collective cost of smaller interior lighting elements. If your company already has fluorescent lighting in its egress ways but not in its confined spaces, an energy efficiency consultant may recommend installing fluorescent lighting in the latter. The consultant will also be able to show you how some fluorescent lighting technologies are far more efficient than others.

Photoluminescent Lighting

Photoluminescent lighting is electricity-free and requires no maintenance, offering a dual cost cutting measure in one package. Because photoluminescent material brightly “glows” rather than “lights”, its primary use is found in exit signs and egress markings, with the exit signs bringing the cost savings. Most companies still use incandescent exit signs, each of which costs nearly $1,500 to operate and maintain over the course of its projected lifespan. Photoluminescent signs, on the other hand, cost nothing. As further proof of their cost value, research shows that companies who replace 100 incandescent signs with photoluminescent signs save over $3,500 a year in power costs. Multiply this amount by 25-the average lifespan of photoluminescent exit signs-and the cost savings approach $90,000. As an added benefit, photoluminescent exit signs are 100 percent recyclable.

Automatic Light Dimmers

Whatever form of energy efficiency lighting is recommended for your company’s interior, an energy efficiency consultant will likely suggest that some of the lighting be connected to automatic light dimmers, which regulates brightness according to work schedules and natural light. Instead of manually adjusting light levels or exhorting employees to turn off lights, automatic dimmers will do the job for you.