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Exceptional Selection in Window Blinds

Exceptional Selection in Window Blinds

It would be a broad, and completely false statement to say that vertical blinds are something thought of as a basic need. However, they do serve a purpose in our homes. They effectively block the sun rays from beating down on you in your home. People used to consider window blinds an eyesore. Even though they did an excellent job of blocking sunlight, they just weren’t that pleasing to look, when considered directly. Among window blinds, these popular options are an often over looked choice.

Since their creation, vertical blinds have changed by leaps and bounds, and while they do still resemble their humble beginnings, original designers would be stunned to see where they have gone. Blinds are no longer merely functional, but stylish as well. Window blinds are now beautiful enough that they can be the feature item in a room, rather than the item you wish you didn’t have to see at all.

In times past, window blinds were almost always constructed from wood or metal. These elements were easy to clean, and also lightweight. They were never considered the most attractive part of any room, though. In this age of modern technology, window blinds can be made from a variety of materials. Each has features of its own that enhance any room creating an air of charm that captures the imagination.

Window blinds are often constructed from paper. The paper used in these vertical blinds is heavy duty, and thick enough that it can effectively block sunlight. Paper window blinds are completely pleated and can be pulled entirely up into the window reveal. They also are a nice compliment to curtains. Paper blinds are inexpensive and easy to find. Dusting is quite a chore, but with these blinds, it becomes a snap! The drawback to paper window blinds is that they are only made in a few styles. If you don’t want to spend much money, and really want to keep your curtains, vertical blinds may be exactly what you are looking for.

Often, window blinds are also composed of cane, or other wood based products. With wooden vertical blinds you can choose a blind with attractive materials that will complement, or accentuate, your home decor in a rich fashion. They are composed of whole or split piece of bamboo and other woods. Vertical blinds are very stylish, and can really add pizzazz to a room with a Mediterranean or tropical theme. Each has features of its own that enhance any room creating an air of charm that captures the imagination. They are ineffective at completely blocking sunlight because of their design. Cane vertical blinds are excellent at muting light, and work beautifully in your conservatory. However, a person can see through these blinds, so they are not the top choice for privacy. If all you need is a toning down of sunlight, cane window blinds may suit you just fine.

Vertical blinds louvers, another variation of window blinds, are generally made from wood, canvas or synthetic fibers. Light can be allowed in at various degrees, depending on how they are turned and pivoted. They are well suited for a more contemporary home, and fit nicely over a large picture window. If you like contemporary design, and also want control over the amount of sunlight in you home, it sounds like vertical louvers may be exactly what you need.

Venetian blinds are the last type of blinds. These are slatted window blinds. These pull entirely into the reveal, and can be constructed from a vast array of materials. One of the best things that Venetian blinds have to offer is the ease of adjustment. They become virtually invisible when they are fully opened. When fully closed, they block nearly all the light. Although they were first intended for offices, they now work well in many homes. Traditional wood slatted window blinds really bring out the natural beauty in your home, and are usually available using basswood, although other woods are being used in some areas.

Window blinds are no longer merely for function. These can be utilized as a feature, as they will enhance any window. No longer are they merely an eyesore functioning on your windows, but have achieved a place in home decor everywhere. There are many styles of window blinds, and most are very easy to find.