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Flat Pack Furniture – Myths Vs Facts

Flat Pack Furniture – Myths Vs Facts

Ever since flat packs were created back in the 50s, there have been a lot of buzz around them. Some people love them, others hate them and there’s no middle point. As everything, the opinion on which is heavily polarized, flat packs have been a source for many rumours and false accusations, many of which remain to this day. So, let’s take a look at some myths, concerning knock-down furniture and see if they are true or not.

Myth: They’re horrible to put together. The instructions are always wrong and there are parts missing quite often. Not to mention that the fittings are the wrong size and type and nothing fits as it should.

Fact: In fact, this most common myth about flat packs is completely false. They’re very easy to assemble, if you do it properly. Also, the instructions are never wrong, people just skip ahead and try to work without them, giving them an occasional glance when they get stuck. This is the biggest mistake one can make, because the assembly process is called a process for a reason. If you try to do it differently, either do it completely differently, or just don’t. There aren’t too many ways to put together a flat pack, unless you’re looking to customise it, so stick to the instructions. Other than that, all you need to do is prepare the tools and the work area in advance and know which end of the screwdriver to hold. If you lack basic knowledge of tools that much, there are companies that assemble furniture in London and other big cities.

Myth: They break down after several months of use.

Fact: I can’t say this is completely false, due to the fact that there are different companies, producing flat packs. Therefore, there are different flat packs, when it comes to quality. Some of them might fall apart after several months of use, yes. But most others have significantly improved their quality control over the past 20 years and now their items can hold as much as conventional pieces.

Myth: Their designs are limited.

Fact: This was true, I admit. But I can’t stress enough on the past tense in the previous sentence. There were limited designs about 15 years ago, but the industry has grown so much that it has everything your heart could ever want. From vintage styled pieces to modern, shiny looking ones. You just have to open a catalogue, choose the item you want and order it or go to the store to get it yourself. So, there you have it. The three most common myths about knock-down furniture and the facts behind them. So, read them carefully once again and ask yourself if you want to pay nearly twice as much for hand-made conventional pieces.