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Granma – Cuban Ever-Green Province

Granma – Cuban Ever-Green Province

Among the most attractive trips in Cuba it is worth to highlight the one aimed at discovering its eastern region, which is Cuba’s most beautiful, intricate place. It constitutes a real Cuban feast to the most demanding tourist.

The entire Cuban eastern region is such an outburst of colours than the visitor can easily perceive as a nice surprise, especially for those tourists who love ecologic trips.

It can be found, precisely at the southeast of Cuba a province whose fame has been built on the base of its vegetation, sea, mountains: Granma. In addition, this province features plenty of historic places related to the Cuban Revolution process. It can be said that it constitutes the hardcore of the Cuban nationality.

And in the province, Bayamo, that is its main town, deserves a special attention. Bayamo was settled down in the 16th century. It was one of the first towns created in the Island. Its inhabitants burnt it in 1869 for avoiding Spanish colonial troops to take it during the Independence War. It also exudes national culture through and through.

The sugar mill La Demajagua is the place where the beginning of Cuban Independence War against the Spanish began when Carlos Manuel de Céspedes (later called the Father of all Cubans) gave the freedom to his African slaves. This war gave birth to the concept of “Cuban” as well as to the national anthem and flag.

Another historic site within the province is beach Las Coloradas, place where Granma Yacht’s expedition headed by Fidel Castro disembarked in December 2nd, 1956. This event marked the beginning of a war that ended with the Triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959. The ship gave its name to this province.

The province’s mountains hosted this revolution. This way, vegetation and history mixed in this region that comprises forty per cent of whole domestic historical events, as it is remarked by local managers and tour guides.

There is a predominance of green, colour associated with hope. This chromatic characteristic is perfect for resting. The province’s size is about 8372 square kilometres which represents around eight per cent of the whole Island´s land, and here live more than 700 000 inhabitants.

Within the attractions of this destination we can find the large plain of river Cauto and the mountain chain of Sierra Maestra where Cuba’s highest mountain Pico Turquino is located. This mountain is 1974 meters tall and comprises a combination of the warm weather of plains with cold temperatures of the heights.

The Spaniard Don Diego Velazquez founded Bayamo in 1513. Within its historic places we can find La Catedral (the cathedral), La Plaza del Himno (the anthem square), the House of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, La Casa de la Trova, among some other interesting places.

The authorities of the city have devoted to tourism some places such as Pilón, to the south, where there are hotels like Marea Del Portillo and Farallón del Caribe.

Quite near there, just eight kilometres away, it can be found Hicacos, which is a region of a virgin white-sand beach extremely attractive for tourism. It is a perfect landscape for enjoying and remembering.