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Having a Patio As an Additional Home Feature

Having a Patio As an Additional Home Feature

Your home is one of the most precious possessions you could ever have. And adorning it is one of the major tasks you need to do to make it more pleasant and much enticing to look at and better to live in. There are many things you could do to extend spaces in your home. For one, you could have additional home features or rooms to have home spaces both functional and visually stimulating. A patio is one of the priority things you could add to your home.

Most houses have outdoor spaces which are turned into patios. The term “patio” comes from the Spanish term of the same name, to mean “back garden” or “backyard”. In locations all over the world, a patio may equate to outdoor spaces called balcony, verandah, deck, porch, pergola or courtyard. Whatever labels a patio is called, it could be any outdoor space to be used for different functions. Families usually dine or have any recreational activity in patios.

Patios are usually a common part of most Spanish or inspired thereof dwellings. These are typically paved with concrete or stone slabs covering a base. The base is usually layered with compacted stone chips, sharp sand and cement mortar. Nevertheless, you could still have other ways of designing your very own patio. And along creating your outdoor space, you must note that the patio should serve the functions and activities you and your family usually need or do.

Before jumping into fully realizing your dreams of having a patio, you must take in the task of careful planning. In planning the design, you could do it two ways – a. hire a professional like a designer or an architect; or b. enhance and maximize your creativity by making your own design. The latter choice would be the more cost-effective one as you could be ensured all your and your family’s preferences are taken into deep consideration. Not to discount the abilities of the professionals but sometimes, personal choices could only be best exhausted first hand. Be confident in yourself and trust your imagination that you could put out the best patio ever.

You could have some self-help guides in designing your patio while still prioritizing originality through online sites. There are loads of photos that are posted by homeowners and design companies. You are not ripping off their designs. You are simply looking for ideas. In finalizing the design, you could download software especially for self-help floor planning. These softwares offer templates which could guide your initial steps. There are also software programs that offer landscape planning that are guaranteed easy to learn. And when you have mastered this new craft, you could initialize your own design.

To somehow make your task easier, below are some ideas for practical and aesthetic patio designs:

A patio could be more welcoming if you have it near or in a garden. The vegetation in your garden could provide airier feel to your patio. Then you could have a more relaxed time in your outdoor space. In this kind of setting, you may want to situate your patio near the trees, in case you already have tall and grown trees. You could have hammocks. You could place outdoor furniture underneath the tree shade so you do not have to spend on makeshift tents or gazebos. You may opt for modern and chic plastic or stainless steel furniture so you need not worry about getting them destroyed whenever the wet season starts.

You could do hardscaping. In this design, the patio would be mostly composed of slab stones, gravel, and concrete and hardwood floors. You could have it fenced with stainless steel bars or banisters. You may also involve lavish cantilevered deck and/or terraced paths so you could have an elevated patio overlooking your garden. Another way you could indulge in designing your patio is having a covered outdoor space which may include lounge and dining space with comfy couches, firepit-table and home theater system.

A functional patio would be best with the inclusion of outdoor kitchen and dining area setup. You could complete it with a grill, fireplace, couches and dining tables and chairs. This is where you could also have an herb garden alongside. Any meal would be a much more pleasurable experience.

In having a patio, there is only one cardinal rule: mix function with pleasure. Always remember that the patio is an outdoor space to serve your recreational and important activities, from playing, simply relaxing to family dinners.