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Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

If you have your personal small business in which it is demanded that you possess a meat slicer, couple brands are as trustworthy as Hobart. Regrettably, locating a utilized Hobart meat slicer with loads of specialist alternatives and significant scores isn’t simple.

When these are a lot far more pricey than your classic meat slicer, especially 1 you would use at house, they have a lot of excellent characteristics and attributes that other corporations simply cannot conquer.

In this Hobart meat slicer critique, we will discuss five of the most effective Hobart deli meat slicers that you can locate accessible proper now, as nicely as all the options they have to offer you that will acquire your enterprise to the upcoming amount.

Finest Hobart Experienced Meat Slicer

1. Hobart HS9-113” Automated Slicer with Interlocks and Removable Knife

Hobart Professional Meat Slicers Review in 2022

The first Hobart meat slicer on our record is viewed as the most well-liked and greatest for smaller eating places, delis, butcher outlets, and grocery outlets. You not only can use this automated slicer to slash meat, but cheese, greens, bread, and other food as nicely.

It options a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can clear away and clean up a lot more competently. In addition, it is designed of aluminum, creating it a solution that will previous you two to a few periods as long as blades made of other elements.

It operates routinely, letting you and your staff to concentration on other tasks although it repeatedly slices pound just after pound of food items. It also has interlocks that are intended to make the Hobart meat slicer quick to use.

The computerized shutoff will change the knife off if it has been inactive for at minimum 30 seconds. You can regulate the thickness of the slices, with 1 inch currently being the thickest you can slice.

2. Hobart Edge-13 13” Handbook Meat Slicer

Hobart Edge-13 13 Manual Meat Slicer

The second Hobart experienced meat slicer on our checklist is very rated and great for any deli, butcher shop, or grocery store. You will be equipped to lower any meats and cheeses that you will need. It is created of strong anodized aluminum that is substantially simpler to cleanse and lasts for a longer period.

This machine statements that it can reduce slices of food items as quickly as probable without the need of sacrificing excellent. It operates at a 45-degree angle and has a ½ hp motor that is great for cutting cheese.

You can adjust the thickness of the blade working with the knob, which will allow you to lower slices of food everywhere concerning paper-slender and 9/16 inches thick. It also will come with a crafted-in sharpener that you can use to sharpen the blade in as tiny as 5 seconds.

3. Hobart HS6-1 13” Guide Slicer with Removable Knife

Hobart HS6-1 13’’ Manual Slicer with Removable Knife

This subsequent merchandise from the Hobart HS sequence has many experienced features, including the 45-diploma cutting aircraft, equipment grooves, and a a lot more substantial products tray that will effectively keep the food stuff you are slicing.

The knife of this solution is remarkable since it is produced of aluminum as opposed to stainless metal or carbon, which promises to last 2 to 3 times as prolonged. In addition, it has three stroke lengths and four-stroke speeds.

You do not need to use the knife all through sharpening and cleaning, producing this Hobart experienced meat slicer a whole lot less complicated to use. It has six computerized interlock options and a crafted-in sharpener as properly.

4. Hobart HS7-1 13” Automatic Slicer with Detachable Knife

Hobart HS7-1 13 Automatic Slicer with Removable Knife

Below is yet another one of the most preferred Hobart meat slicers. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you can remove, generating it easier to cleanse.

Like lots of of the merchandise produced by Hobart, this knife is created of aluminum as opposed to carbon coating or stainless metal, which will enable it to final for up to 2 to 3 instances more time.

The structure of this meat slicer is also intended to make sure that it is less complicated to clear simply because of all the removable accessories and the guide raise lever, which will increase your effectiveness on the occupation and make it possible for you to stop the distribute of germs.

It has an automated procedure, increasing your productiveness due to the fact you can focus on other responsibilities while the meat slicer operates continually. For case in point, you can use it to slash a wide variety of various meats and cheeses.

The adjustment knob on the aspect will make it possible for you to customize how thick you want each individual slice to be, and it can do this up to 1 inch. The constructed-in sharpener is also included for comfort, and you can sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.

5. Hobart HS7N-1 13” Automated Slicer

Hobart HS7N-1 13 Automatic Slicer

The ultimate solution on our listing is another Hobart deli meat slicer that has obtained rave evaluations. It has a 13-inch CleanCut knife that you simply cannot clear away, which will lessen the danger of you facing injuries.

This blade is made with a don-resistant alloy substance, which will allow it to previous for a longer time than the normal meat slicers.

Many thanks to its removable components and the manual lift lever, you will also have no problem cleaning this meat slicer. It has a ½ hp motor and a solution carriage with four speeds, a few-stroke operation, and it will work routinely.

It can simply take care of cutting lots of different sorts of meals while you and your personnel do the job on other jobs. You can modify the thickness at which food items is lower up to 1 inch. It also has a crafted-in sharpener that will allow for you to sharpen the blade in only 5 seconds.


If you had been looking for a great, professional meat slicer, then you have to have to turn no more than Hobart’s meat slicers.

Whilst these make fairly the investment, Hobart is acknowledged for its substantial-quality products, together with the Hobart 2912, Hobart Slicer 1712, and Hobart Edge 12, which are other great selections that are tricky to uncover.

Enjoy as provider at your deli or other company booms, thanks to the effectiveness of these units.

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