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How RTA Kitchen Cabinets Can Help Cut Costs in Your Remodeling

How RTA Kitchen Cabinets Can Help Cut Costs in Your Remodeling

The recent economic struggle that affected not only the United States, but the entire world as well has left many a lesson or more when it comes to financial management. But whatever the economic condition, remodeling the heart of the home remains a popular endeavor that many undertake not only for the enhanced quality of living that can be enjoyed but a good return on investment as well. And one of the smartest additions to your remodeling project is RTA kitchen cabinets. This article lays out how RTA kitchen cabinets can prove to be a cost-cutting way to achieve a budget-efficient remodeling success.

Initial Cost

The initial cost alone would be enough to amaze any homeowner shopping for cabinetry. Compared with their traditional counterparts, whether stock or semi-stock, their prices fall much lower. And for just a fraction of the price, you’d be delighted by the very wide array of options you have from glaze and finishes, size, construction, door design to organizational features. From low-quality particleboard and laminate to the most extravagant hardwood that you can avail of at a very affordable price. By choosing hardwood RTA kitchen cabinets, you are affording your home quality without breaking the bank.

Labor/ Contractor Services

Labor is among the greatest contributors that add up to the overall expense that you have to prepare to finish the remodeling project. With RTA kitchen cabinets, you can considerably save on contractor service and instead, allot the budget to other areas that may really need the expertise that a hired contractor can offer such as plumbing, electrical wiring, or installation of fixtures that will need professionals according to warranty or local building code.

RTA kitchen cabinets are among the most popular DIY items you can find in the home improvement market. Completely packaged with everything from individual wood pieces to hardware and accents, all the tool you will need is one screw driver and you are set.


Flat-packed, RTA kitchen cabinets do not take too much space thus cost lesser to ship. Unlike bulky traditional cabinet units that take around eight weeks to get delivered to your doorstep, your ready-to-assemble choice only requires around two to three weeks. This does not only make up for an cost-efficient choice but one that is time-efficient too.

Other Benefits

But aside from cost, there are more benefits to RTA kitchen cabinets than financial.

  • Coming in a very wide range of look and make, you are sure to find the best set to complement with the current design of the heart of your home as well as your personal taste.
  • Flat-packed, they are not only easy to transport but store as well. Chances of selecting units that are already in storage are higher and you would not have to wait for weeks.
  • By making quality affordable, more and more homeowners can now enjoy the beauty of hardwood through RTA kitchen cabinets. Buying such will allow the family to lavish at that distinct look and feel for many, many years.