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How to Install Egress Window Well: The Top 5 things you need to know!

How to Install Egress Window Well: The Top 5 things you need to know!

This manual is intended to support all property owners to plan and order the ideal basement egress alternatives for their requires. Read on to come across the measures you have to have to take into account in advance of putting in an egress window and window well in the lessen stage of your residence.

Prior to you order, Plan:

Look at our egress code explanations on our web-site (WindowWellExperts.com) with your area creating inspector to validate any regionally specific code demands before ordering or executing egress window perfectly set up. 

When you converse to the inspector, request how long it will choose for the permit procedure to acquire, and consider that into account.

To implement for your permit, you might need to have to provide:

  • A diagram of your residence displaying North and wherever the egress well will be situated
  • A shorter description of the project’s scope–the perfectly, window, ladder (if applicable), and the go over (if relevant).

Contact your Regional Diggers Hotline/1 Simply call/Julie three to five company days just before digging. On normal, the markings are fantastic for 10 times.

How to Measure Your Egress Window Wells The right way?

The egress window perfectly ought to extend beyond the present (or prepared) window rough opening by roughly 2-3″ each and every facet for a mount-to-foundation set up and 8-12″ further than the base of the tough opening for enough drainage.

How to Install Egress Window Well: The Top 5 things you need to know!

1. Order your basement nicely and add-ons:

Ordering from us is uncomplicated! Give a single of our Authorities a call at 1-888-650-9355. If you have any issues, we have the solutions about not only wells but home windows, ladders, and handles. Plan for a 4-5 7 days guide time for the wells the accessories’ lead times may well range. Some sizes/styles are in stock. 

2. To dig the hole

It is feasible to dig the gap by hand, depending on the depth of the effectively, soil situations, your willpower, and amount of physical fitness. Deal with the hole with a weighty sheet of plywood with a tarp covering if rain is expected.

The hole for your egress set up requirements to be at the very least 12″ larger sized than the window nicely, all the way all around. This will make it possible for place for drilling holes and mounting the properly flanges to the basis wall on just about every aspect. The properly should really be at least 3″ earlier mentioned grade to avoid flooding, much more if this is a reduced place in your yard.

Placing the egress window effectively on level ground will help hold it from warping. Be sure to notice the drain hose in the photograph below. You may possibly need to dig out the center of the gap 2-3″ further at the heart bottom to install a drain or include the present drain by now connected to your drain tile (also known as sump drain tile or weeping tile).


If digging a hole manually won’t function for you, a mini excavator or backhoe is the greatest possibility. These are readily available for rent, or anyone with expertise may perhaps be readily available to do the digging for you.

excavation-window-well-installationProtect your garden by laying down plywood for the equipment to roll about and employing tarps to put the filth and excavation debris on.

egress-installation3. Attach the effectively to the basis

Really do not skip this phase! Unfastened window wells will finally transfer and lead to h2o to leak into the basement.

CAUTION–If you purchased an egress package with a deal with, the well’s sidewalls can either bend out or toe in due to flexing through cargo. Double-look at mounting to specification measurement of the nicely you requested to guarantee correct in good shape of the address. Also, test to retain the well’s symmetry by tapering evenly again to the wall on every single side when backfilling the perfectly. These precautions will make sure the good in shape of your window effectively protect. It would be greatest to verify the ultimate condition and bolt-on width of the window nicely protect by examination fitting the deal with onto the top of the very well ahead of the closing tight bolting of flanges to make sure the proper healthy.

  • The major of the egress nicely ought to lengthen 3″ above the founded quality line and down at the very least 8-12″ beneath the windowsill.
  • Posture the window well to let ample filth to be crafted up so h2o will drain absent from the foundation.
  • Flanges ought to be connected to the foundation wall at 12″ facilities least to guarantee structural security. Drill holes employing a 3/16″ diameter masonry bit. Clear away all concrete dust. Apply a polyurethane caulk/sealant. (Make absolutely sure it is NOT self-leveling caulk–It is way too runny!)
  • Use Tapcons sized 1/4 x 1-1/4″ or 1/4 x 1-3/4″ with large fender washers. Link window wells into the foundation drainage procedure if obtainable. On a masonry block wall or brick wall, we endorse a wedge fastener alternatively of Tapcons.

4. Backfilling about your effectively

  • Spot fill evenly close to the properly in 12″ layers, compacting as you go, to assure the very well profile does not turn out to be distorted. Insert decorative stone into the window properly for drainage and structural assistance from the inside of.
  • Compacted fill close to the outdoors of the egress perfectly need to be included periodically following rains and recompacted on a regular basis for at the very least 90 days to avoid flooding from erosion. Pick out backfill materials really should be utilized that is free of difficult clumps and substantial rocks.
  • Avoid the careless use of major construction gear close to window wells soon after backfilling, as this will most likely distort the well’s shape.
  • Egress ladders are suggested and expected for finished window perfectly heights better than 42″. For needed egress ladders, place in the perfectly, so it is not obstructed by the window.

Congratulations! You have properly increased the residing space and resale price of your household!

***Essential NOTIFICATION***

Repacking the dirt all around the new very well is important. Stomp down the space with sneakers periodically as it settles from rains around time. This will reduce flooding of the window effectively and, in turn, your basement. Also, be sure to preserve including fantastic compactable filth/fill close to the well to retain a berm spot elevated significant ample all around the effectively to act as a dam to protect against flooding.

You should see the image down below of a 5-calendar year-old set up that collapsed completely mainly because the area was not properly compacted or repacked frequently. Erosion did induce hurt to the properly and flooding of the basement. The nicely could not be straightened and demanded a complete substitute.


Installing your individual egress very well is a simple task. Following this information and staying sure to stick to up afterward with backfilling and compacting around the window effectively will reward you with a lot more livable space, the amplified resale value of your property, and assurance of your family’s basic safety with an supplemental emergency escape from your basement.