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How to Keep My Outdoor Fountain Clean – Information

How to Keep My Outdoor Fountain Clean – Information

An outdoor fountain is a beautiful accent piece to any home. Unfortunately they aren’t maintenance free. Without proper care they can quickly go from eye catcher to eye sore. No one wants to put more time into cleaning their outdoor fountain than they have to. Here are a few tips that will let you enjoy your outdoor fountain instead of spending all day scrubbing it.

If you have been wondering “how to keep my outdoor fountain clean?” information may be hard to come by. There are thousands of products and services available that can take care of the job.
Hopefully we can simplify the solution for you though.

First off what’s making your fountain dirty?

Is mildew growing in it?

Unsightly stains?

Or just fallen leaves and trash?

Each one of these requires a different tactic.

The most common problem is mildew. Anywhere you have water and sunlight mildew and algae will grow. A weak bleach solution can kill this off. There is no need to go buy an expensive mildew remover when all you have to do is pour in a capful or 2 of bleach in the water. One word of warning though bleach is toxic.

If your fountain attracts wildlife or you have a pet that may drink from it you’ll want to use the bleach to clean then dump the water and replace it with fresh clean water. It’s much cheaper than a vet bill!

Maybe you have hard water and it’s leaving unsightly stains on the fountain. You can use a scale remover to rinse away those stains. Look for a product that removes lime scale as well as rust. There are plenty of products out there.

It’s important to let the cleaner circulate through the entire fountain. This way it will knock off any scum that’s built up inside the tubing. Keeping the plumbing in top shape will greatly extend the life of the pump. The same warning applies if you have pets or wild life. This cleaner can be toxic! Once the fountain is clean, dump the gunk and fill it with fresh water.

The last problem is how to get rid of fallen leaves and trash. This can be a real chore. If the pump sucks up a bunch of gunk it can burn it out. Now not only do you have a dirty fountain, but a dirty broken fountain. Your best bet to keep that from happening is to use a pool skimmer if it’s a big fountain. For smaller jobs a fine net like you would use to get a fish out of an aquarium or even a kitchen strainer will work. Just skim along the top and sides and dump the rubbish.

How to keep my outdoor fountain clean information can be tricky to find. Hopefully this answered some of the major questions you may have. There are plenty of cleaning options available for whatever is making your fountain dirty and now that you have these tips, you can spend more time enjoying and less time cleaning.