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How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs Replacing

How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs Replacing

How to Know if Your Velux Window Needs ReplacingVarious models of windows can completely remodel the glimpse and sense of any place, with some allowing for much more all-natural lights to enter than other individuals. With particular areas in the home, numerous varieties of windows are also specifically intended to present the most effective option.

Velux home windows are also recognized as roof windows. They are popular selections for producing areas experience a lot more ethereal and welcoming, and can even add a spacious come to feel to your household. Over time, these kinds of windows working experience even additional publicity to the normal aspects than normal windows. While they are created with lasting high quality in intellect, time can consider its toll and lead to difficulties with any Velux window. Here’s our information on how to know irrespective of whether your Velux window requires replacing or repairing, and what you can do about it.

What is a Velux window?

Now synonymous with the model of window they give, Velux is truly the identify of the foremost manufacturer that manufactures roof windows, skylight units, and sunlight tunnels.

Velux home windows appear in a selection of styles, each and every designed to go well with distinctive spaces in the residence. The addition of a Velux window can brighten up any place, allowing in sunlight from the major down.

  • Roof Windows
  • Flat Roof Windows
  • Skylight Units
  • Roof Terraces
  • Balconies

Due to the positioning of roof home windows, Velux windows use laminated security glass as typical. This avoids any glass from getting into the household if your Velux window ends up smashed or broken, improving the basic safety of your roof window. Velux windows can also be configured to include extra capabilities and finishings that can further enhance the value of your residence.

  • Smoke ventilation home windows
  • Burglary resistant features
  • Sound insulation roof home windows
  • Weather conditions protecting glazing
  • Quick-to-clean up coatings
  • 3-layer UV defense

Which Faults can Arise with a Velux Window?

All Velux home windows are double glazed at a least. This means any of the problems that can come about with double glazed windows can take place to your Velux windows.


If your double glazing has unsuccessful, you might discover your residence feels colder. Draughts coming by way of your Velux window can signify that the seal all around your roof window has failed someplace. This lets air from outdoors to enter the house, escalating your electrical power expenses. It will also potentially expose your home windows to further problems from much too a great deal condensation construct up.

Mist & Condensation

A little volume of condensation on your Velux windows is normal, although excess condensation can establish up in excess of time. Velux windows are equipped with air filters that should frequently be cleaned to stay clear of this. Cleaning your Velux air filter assists air to circulate all over your windows, cutting down the ‘foggy’ physical appearance that can take place when it’s cold outside the house.

Moist & Mould

All Velux frames are specifically treated to avert the expansion of mould in the to start with position, but any prolonged damp disorders can direct to a challenge. Trying to keep the air filter on your roof windows clean up should really stay away from the progress of damp and mould that can be brought about by also considerably condensation. You can also thoroughly clean your Velux frames with mould spray.

Other complications with your roof window could include:


Finding any h2o getting into the property from outside the house is a concern, in particular with a roof window! Complications with the installation course of action can guide to leaking Velux windows. When set up, your roof window really should have had roofing felt positioned in between the window frame and the roof opening, as perfectly as insulation. If your installer has skipped these techniques, any surplus water is most likely to leak down into your window.

Damaged Lock Mechanisms & Hinges

The handles and locks of any window can have on down above time, specially with everyday use. Independent Velux pieces together with hinges and handles can be requested direct from the Velux web page.

Cracked or Damaged Glass

As with any window, the glass in just a Velux window can chip or split entirely. Because of to the placement of roof home windows, it is most likely even less complicated for them to maintain destruction. Everything from the department slipping off a tree, to climate, to a hen dropping something on your window can be adequate to have an effects on those people made from very low high quality glass.

The good thing is, Velux windows are designed to face up to these occasions. They’re each tested vigorously to stay clear of damaged glass – the company’s rigorous testing routine even will involve hitting the glass with a 50kg pendulum to ensure strength.

Can a Velux Window be Repaired?

If you have challenges with your Velux window, it’s truly worth arranging a cost-free consultation to initially establish the bring about of the dilemma. A ruined Velux window is not necessarily in want of a full replacement. As home windows age, they stand up to loads of climate disorders and purely natural put on-and-tear.

When to Repair a Unsuccessful Double Glazing on a Roof Window

Above time, purely natural wear-and-tear normally sales opportunities to unsuccessful double glazing, which is not uncommon in Velux windows. Due to the fact quite a few unsuccessful double glazing cases are prompted by issues with the seal, these can be fixed by a expert. It’s absolutely well worth owning your failed double glazing repaired. This will restore the authentic electrical power efficiency of your home windows, limiting the price tag you are going to devote on heating in the very long operate. Repairs will also halt any of that excess mould or condensation spreading to the house around your window, which could bring about even additional high-priced hurt to your walls and furniture.

When to Substitute a Defective or Broken Roof Window

If the first set up of your Velux window was not completed effectively, you may well need a bit of further do the job done. This may well include the substitution of specified factors of your window, from the frames, to the insulation and panes. Similarly, if 1 of your window panes is broken, that pane will have to be changed.

It is really worth locating a roof window repair support that will give you with a good quality fix or substitute.

Velux Window Repairs & Replacements by Cloudy2Clear

At Cloudy2Clear, our specialists in fixing and changing windows can correct your roof home windows ought to any of the above problems come about. Our Velux window fix experts operate to get well the complete high-quality of your roof home windows with minimum cost. We know that not all Velux windows need changing fully if something goes mistaken!

A lot of firms will have you replace the whole unit encompassing your Velux window, even if there’s almost nothing broken with the window frame alone. This leads to a much extra expensive support where you are shelling out avoidable expenses. Lots of problems with Velux home windows produce thanks to issues with just a single window pane or the sealing. We work to maintenance and exchange only the faulty portion of your Velux window, maintaining expenses down.

If your Velux window requirements fixing, phone us on 0800 61 21 119 for a free, no-obligation estimate.