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How to Unclog a Toilet with Salt

How to Unclog a Toilet with Salt

Even even though clearing a clogged rest room isn’t your preferred thing to do, at least it won’t value you a fortune to hire a plumber. Salt is one particular of the many frequent family products that can be employed to unclog a bathroom. How to unclog a toilet with salt?

In this submit, we explore the strategies to unclog your bathroom making use of distinct varieties of salt. Even so, you must know that it’s powerful if your toilet does not have any really serious obstruction.

Unclog Your Bathroom With Different Types of Salt?

If you require to unclog a toilet speedily, retain in brain that Epsom salt is best for that. On the other hand, rock salt and desk salt are correct for overnight jobs that really do not will need your rapid consideration.

Breaking Clog in a Bathroom With Desk Salt

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The initially selection is to use table salt to unclog a rest room. In this circumstance, you need to mix salt with further cleansing brokers, like baking soda.

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One cup of salt and 1 cup of baking soda really should be utilised in the combination. Include 12 cups of warm drinking water to it and pour it into the toilet bowl. Again, refrain from using warm drinking water to clear the rest room.

The solution can now be left to get the job done right away. Early in the morning, you can flush the bathroom to clear the obstruction, but we advise likely the added mile. Do plunge your rest room prior to you flush it to make sure the clog is long gone. You can also pour some scorching h2o to drive down floating baking soda through a rest room drain.

Unclogging Toilet With Epsom Salt

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Buy a bag of Natural Epsom Salt from Amazon if you really don’t presently have any since not absolutely everyone has this solution at house. To unclog a toilet, you only have to have a cup or two of Epsom salt, so this 16 oz bag is best for your Do it yourself endeavor.

Pour a single cup of salt into the bathroom bowl, and then wait around 15 minutes for it to float. A peculiar bubbling sound is developed when water and magnesium sulfate are merged, which can make the reaction clear proper away.

You can press the flush tackle and observe the rest room unclog after some time.

Unclogging Toilet Using Rock Salt

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Though it can take considerably lengthier to react, rock salt also features on its individual. You are going to probably come to a decision to flush it down the rest room in the evening to give it time to clear clogs. You should have out the subsequent:

  • Rock salt in a cup.
  • Include two gallons of scorching h2o to it and blend (avoid boiling h2o)
  • Fill the toilet bowl with the liquid.
  • Go away it there for no significantly less than eight several hours.
  • In the early morning, flush the rest room.

The toilet ought to operate usually pursuing this course of action. The regular very hot drinking water from the faucet will execute the work a great deal better even so, be watchful not to use boiling drinking water as it may possibly cause the porcelain to break.

Why Really should You Use Salt to Unclog a Toilet?

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Why use salt to unclog a bathroom when there are so many business products accessible? is a widespread question we obtain. We can give you at the very least 3 reasonable justifications for deciding upon salt, nevertheless:

It is an reasonably priced possibility

For two reasons, salt is a typical household merchandise: it would make a wonderful seasoning and it’s somewhat inexpensive, primarily when you purchase it in quantity. Business items are not overly dear, but they are far more costly than salt.

It is available at all situations in your house

A bag of salt is a common home merchandise, so you can act speedy to unclog your rest room. Also, you should not place off using the restroom till you obtain a business product or service.

Salt merges properly with other items

Additionally, salt blends effectively with other residence merchandise to deliver a organic cleaning remedy. This incorporates resources that you presumably currently have at household, these as vinegar and baking soda.

It is environmentally-friendly

There is no need to be concerned about chemical compounds or unfavorable side results due to the fact salt is entirely organic and secure for the setting. Moreover, the process does not have to have you to put on gloves, making it the healthiest selection.


You presumably use salt as a seasoning each day, but it can also be a honest unclogging resource. So how to unclog a toilet with salt?

There are numerous sorts of salt, and just about every one functions differently:

  • Your toilet bowl can be unclogged with just rock salt, but it takes several hours to operate.
  • Epsom salt performs by alone to clear away obstructions and will work quickly.
  • Though it ought to be blended with other substances, desk salt is often readily available.
  • Exam salt before investing in professional products for the reason that it can support you dissolve pretty much all forms of toilet obstructions.