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How Winter Storms Can Damage Your Roofing and Siding

How Winter Storms Can Damage Your Roofing and Siding
How Winter Storms Can Damage Your Roofing and Siding

Wintertime storms heading your way? Snowy, icy weather can induce major siding and roof destruction to Detroit and Ann Arbor homes, so it is important to know how to secure your assets. That starts off with knowing how wintery things can influence your dwelling, and how to spot challenges right absent prior to they can do additional hurt.

Here’s what you need to know.

How Winter Climate Has an effect on Your Roof and Siding 

Cold climate is significantly severe on residences since there are so quite a few strategies it can put on down your roof shingles, gutters, and siding. 

Weighty Snow 

A light-weight dusting of snow can look very and come to feel festive—but when wintertime delivers many inches of the wet snow that is typical here in Michigan, your residence can be at hazard. 

  • An common snow weighs about a single pound for every inch, but soaked snow has a lot more water content, so it is heavier.
  • A potent, nicely-crafted roof can take care of about 20 lbs . of weight, but an more mature or weakened roof is significantly less resilient.
  • Significant snow and ice can lead to a weak roof to cave in.
  • Even a couple of inches of snow can melt into cracked roof shingles, resulting in water damage.

Tip:  Relatively than allow snow to pile on the roof, sweep it off gently with a snow rake. (Or employ the service of a seasoned professional to do it for you.)


If the higher Detroit region is dealing with blizzard circumstances, then that usually means your roof and siding may well be at risk of all the injury that significant winds can induce. 

  • Falling objects (such as weighty branches) can crack roof shingles, tear off gutters, and possibly even split through into the attic.
  • Roof shingles, flashing and other roofing features may well be pulled up and blown away.
  • Siding boards can loosen, exposing the structural elements beneath.
  • Wind-blown particles can strike siding, resulting in breakage.

Idea: To assist avoid this kind of troubles, retailer away free out of doors furnishings to defend siding from impacts. Trim tree branches properly away from your roof just before wintertime arrives.

Ice Dams and Icicles 

As temperatures rise and fall all over the winter season, you may possibly finish up with ice forming atop your roof. Freezing rain and sleet can also add to far too significantly ice atop your roof. The sunlight and your home’s warmth melt snow and ice all through the day, then the water refreezes at night time. This leads to lots of difficulties.

  • Ice dams can variety at the edge of the roof, blocking gutters and forcing precipitation to continue being on the roof, foremost to leaks.
  • Gutters can get crammed with major ice until eventually they collapse below the excess weight.
  • Substantial icicles can sort, then loosen and drop, posing a danger to everyone who walks beneath them.
  • Ice dams and icicles can also weaken and crack roof shingles.

Idea:  Gutter guards can help avoid ice from freezing inside gutter units. Right roof insulation can enable avoid ice dams and icicles from forming.

Excessive Humidity and Leaks 

Finally, the most really serious worry about snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, and winter winds is that these elements can expose you to costly h2o destruction.

  • Winter season weather can loosen, crack and split roofing and siding, leaving your home’s construction susceptible to dampness intrusion.
  • Snow, ice, and weighty branches can cause holes in your roof, making it possible for precipitation to get into your attic.
  • Loose or weakened roofing and siding can expose insulation to dampness, which can destroy it.
  • Humidity leaks also direct to troubles with mildew and mildew, which destruction your property, advertise wood rot, and make your home’s air harmful to breathe.

Suggestion:  Suitable upkeep of your roof and siding can help preserve your property climate-tight and water-resistant.

How to Check out Your Property for Storm Damage   

When your roofing and siding are marred, your house can be at possibility of expensive complications, which includes:

  • Dangerous wooden rot
  • Structural damage
  • Exposure to leaks
  • Larger heating and cooling bills
  • Harmful indoor air top quality

Comply with this handy checklist for inspecting your home for concerns triggered by wintertime weather.

Examine the Roof 

There are two means to test a roof for winter season problems:

  1. Examine the roof securely from the ground. Get binoculars and walk a length from your residence to get a great look at of the roof. Lookup for missing roof shingles, loose flashing, and bald spots.
  2. Employ a pro roofer to climb atop the roof. It is very best to deliver in a professional, due to the fact they have the products desired to do the inspection securely, primarily for the duration of wintertime when your roofing is further slippery. And they know what to glance for as they evaluate what your roof requirements.

Search Close to the Attic 

Due to the fact roofing challenges frequently clearly show up within your house, it is important to do a look at of the attic. Glimpse for symptoms that h2o is sneaking in:

  • Sunlight or sky seen as a result of the roofing
  • Moist insulation
  • Mold places
  • Musty odors
  • Rotted wooden

Examine Siding 

Wander around the house’s perimeter, looking at your siding boards. Dependent on whether or not you have wooden, brick, vinyl, or fiber cement, various challenges can arise. If there is problems, you’ll probable see just one or extra of these siding challenges:

  • Damaged, cracked or unfastened boards
  • Warping or rippling
  • Peeling, effervescent paint
  • Wood rot
  • Streaks of rust
  • Lacking mortar or caulking

Glance for Other Challenges 

Entire your inspection by being sure gutters, windows, doors, and landscaping are all in correct shape.

Repair Exterior Harm ASAP! 

Whatsoever you do, do not dismiss the points that want correcting. The for a longer time you let a problem keep on being unaddressed, the even worse it gets—and you’ll close up with a lot more pricey and time-consuming injury to offer with. Have your property repairs finished quickly, by local pros with a keep track of report of delighting their buyers.

Keep Your Home Safe with Long lasting Roofing and Siding

Guard your household from Michigan’s severe winter storms, and give it a facelift with attractive roofing and siding alternatives set up by the pros at John McCarter Design. Uncover how our roof repair/substitution and siding installation products and services can renovate your assets into a attractive, effortless to care for oasis in the larger Detroit location.