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Leather Work Gloves

Leather Work Gloves

The primary function of leather work gloves is to protect the hands. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying work gloves: 1) they should be durable, 2) they should be comfortable, and 3) they should provide safety to keep you from injuring your hands.

There are several types of leather work gloves available in the market. Work gloves can be made from cow hide, deer leather, pigskin leather, goatskin leather, etc. Further, the gloves can be classified in to top grain leather and split leather. Top grain leather is considered to be of superior variety and is water resistant.

1) Dewalt DPG41L Premium Cowhide Leather Work Glove with Reinforced Palm and Wing Thumb and 2-1/2-Inch Safety Cuff, Large: These Dewalt Premium Cowhide Leather gloves are ideal for people involved in light duty. They are made from superior quality split cow hide leather and are durable and can withstand tougher use. The reinforced finger tips provide better fitting so that the wearer can wear it for continuous hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The wing thumb gives added flexibility and allows the wearer pick up even small items easily. The knuckle strap offers a snug fit and protection from mishaps and accidents. The gloves come with safety cuffs made in rubber which are 2.5 inches thick. These work gloves are available at very economical rates which is another reason they are such a great deal. They measure 6.5 x 4.5 x 1 inches and are very light at just 7 ounces.

2) Westchester Leather Palm Work Gloves – Large: These gloves are suitable for people engaged in heavy duty work. The material at the palm, finger tips and knuckles is made from leather for added safety. The cuffs are made from heavy duty material, and the close knit construction of the gloves make them very, very durable. The gloves are made from cowhide leather, and are lined with cotton fabric inside. The interior material helps absorb sweat and keep your hands dry. So if you need to clear thorns or are engaged in some heavy duty work, wear these gloves and protect your hands.

3) Carhartt Leather Utility Gloves – Large: These gloves are designed for prolonged use. They are made from suede pig skin which is used to give it a better finish. The insides of the gloves contain gel padding which protects the hands from accidents as well as impact. The wrist strap has a looped and hook closure. This offers snug fitting of the gloves and hence, better protection for hands. The knuckle has a leather strap which provides better security for the hands. These gloves are known to provide superior fitting and better comfort. The grip of these hand gloves is enhanced due to the gel padding so you can be sure that you will not have any accidental slips while wearing these leather gloves.

4) Midwest Gloves 340M Smooth Grain Performance Leather Glove, Medium: These gloves are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer. They are made from smooth and soft grain leather. The keystone thumb provides flexibility to the thumb and offers better grip when you handle objects. The gunn cut ensures that the wearer is comfortable even after wearing the gloves for long hours. There is gathered elastic band at the wrists which ensures better fitting of the gloves. The seamless back also make the gloves comfortable. The elastic wrist band ensures that no dirt enter the hands accidentally, and keep the hands clean.

5) Stanley Hand Helpers Cowhide Leather Work Gloves: These hand gloves are available in 2 sizes, medium and large. The gloves are made with superior quality cow hide grain leather. The thumb is designed in straight cut to offer better flexibility and grip. There is an elastic band at the wrists. This protects the hand from dirt. These gloves are suitable for use in garden, at home or for other light work.

Gloves offer protection to the hands in a variety of ways. They protect the hands from mishaps and injury and also keep your hands dry and comfortable. They protect your hands in harsh climatic conditions. Before selecting leather gloves you need to consider your job requirements. Each type of leather gloves offers different type of safety. If you want to protect your hands from industrial hazards, then it is better to opt for goat or sheep skin gloves. These are sturdier as compared to gloves made from cow skin.

You will need to read the instruction manual before selecting the gloves. This is because the instruction manual will tell you to what are the gloves resistant to. Pay due attention to the fitting. You may not be able to protect your hands in ill fitting gloves. Certain gloves come with lining inside. These help in keeping the hands dry, however, it also makes the gloves look bulkier. If the nature of your job entails you to work in wet conditions, then you should opt for water proof gloves. You can use a drop or two of oil to make your gloves last longer. You should also get water proofing done on your leather work gloves.