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Lift Mono Colour Schemes With Glass Tiles for Texture

Lift Mono Colour Schemes With Glass Tiles for Texture

The excitement of decorating or completely renovating a room in your homes should be seized. Simply, an empty room is a blank canvas for any decorator to fill with colour, pattern and texture. And that’s something to be enjoyed – right from the outset when you’re planning all the way through to choosing the ornaments to complement a finished room.

But deciding on the colour scheme can be a tough decision and one you have to get right for all involved – as for everyone in your household who will use the room and hopefully be able to enjoy. Yet, there are techniques in terms of using colour that can help guide you when choosing the right hues, tones and shades for you.

Whilst most decorators will understand colour schemes and know the colours and shades that work, choosing colour schemes can be a daunting proposition for most people. But you should fear not, as here I describe a technique which is an easy guideline to follow which will have you picking colours like a pro.

This is a basic technique which might look like it requires professional knowledge and expertise in order to navigate through colour schemes and a myriad of options. But remain calm, think creatively and draw upon things that inspire you and you will be able to take control and create a monochromatic room with real impact.

Monochromatic colour schemes

The monochromatic colour scheme is perhaps the easiest to understand but one of the most daunting on initial look. Most people simply see a scheme that is too easy to mess up; one which should simple (as you’re only using one colour) but deep down contains such complexity that you can only get wrong. Think not!

But first the basic: mono is the use of any one tint, hue or shade of a single colour.

And when used this scheme can either create a room that is very relaxing or very dramatic, all of which simply depends on the colour chosen and the various shades or tints incorporated. It is not a scheme to be feared but one to embrace with vigour and imagination, as the results can be truly awe-inspiring.

For a bit of drama you might want to consider the use of a warm hue such as red or orange. If you want to achieve a room which has a cooler feel try then you should go for a blue or green. Grays, whites and creams are fabulous options for neutral schemes and will create a cool interior which has elegance in its uniformity.