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Minimalist Home From HGTV’s ‘Bargain Block’ Season 2 Available for $110K

Minimalist Home From HGTV’s ‘Bargain Block’ Season 2 Available for 0K

Homes featured on HGTV usually sell in rapid fashion. However, every once in a while, an offer falls through, escrow doesn’t close, or a deal breaker pops up.

It’s a cliché, but one buyer’s loss is another’s gain.

This means you can purchase a charming two-bedroom Detroit cottage that received an expert makeover by Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas on Season 2 of their popular show, “Bargain Block.” The remodeled home is back on the market for $110,000. It was initially listed for $119,000 in March and disappeared from the market for a bit, but a deal fell through.

When Bynum and Thomas first spotted this 1,000-square-foot house, it was in better condition than many of the houses they buy. As a result, the sellers sought more than the “Bargain Block” team normally spends: $35,000 to be exact.

Minimalist Home From HGTV’s ‘Bargain Block’ Season 2 Available for 0K
The “Minimalist House” before the renovation


Minimalist House, after
The house after the renovation


But the show’s savvy real estate agent, Shea Hicks-Whitfield, was able to get a better price on the home, which had been on the market for quite a while (as evidenced by the wild overgrowth in front).

Bynum and Thomas wound up snagging the place for $25,000. Then they spent $75,000 to make it livable—and lovable.

They used simple techniques to make the petite residence feel more spacious, as evidenced in the plain cabinets and a simple backsplash in the kitchen.


Minimalist kitchen
Minimalist kitchen


In the living room, Bynum says, they used “light wood, neutral colors, soft textures, and tone-on-tone design elements to make it feel more spacious and comfortable.”

Soft, two tone design
Soft, two-tone palette in the living room


They also kept the bedrooms, bathroom, and dining area “very simple, elegant, and clean,” according to Bynum.

Primary bedroom


Dining room


The interior spaces were so simple and understated, they dubbed it the Minimalist House.

And once they hacked off all of the overgrown bushes from the front of the house and uncovered its charm, they decided to highlight that charm in a big way,

In a neighborhood where most of the homes are white or gray, they made a real statement by painting the exterior blush and blue.

Since it’s now such a standout, Bynum, Evans, and Hicks-Whitfield are confident they’ll find a qualified buyer soon.

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