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Our Top Picks from H&M’s Sizzling Summer ’22 Home Decor Collection

Our Top Picks from H&M’s Sizzling Summer ’22 Home Decor Collection

If you still think of H&M as just a clothing store, you’re missing out. The retailer is secretly one of the best sources of stylish home goods, including seasonal offerings like the summer ’22 collection. Consisting of both laid-back Mediterranean-inspired items in seriously beautiful shades of blue and a series drawn from sunset hues, it’s only available online for a limited time. Check out 15 of our favorite pieces.

Our Top Picks from H&M’s Sizzling Summer ’22 Home Decor Collection

H&M’s Embroidered Cotton Beach Towel

Embroidered Cotton Beach Towel

Hang this decorative beach towel on a hook to switch up the mood in your bathroom, bringing in a summery feel. Made of fast-drying lightweight cotton, it features embroidered details and fringe on the short sides. Get it for $17.99.

H&M's Round Rattan Tray

H&M’s Round Rattan Tray

Round Rattan Tray

Everybody needs a multipurpose tray for their summer table. We love this round rattan one, $29.99. Fill it with candles of various heights, a plate of hors d’oeuvres or whatever centerpiece you fancy.

H&M's Tasseled Seat Cushion

H&M’s Tasseled Seat Cushion

Tasseled Seat Cushion

For garden parties, beach trips or just lounging in the backyard, this outdoor seat cushion is definitely a few steps above an uncomfortable camping chair or basic beach mat. The natural white and terra-cotta print continues H&M’s summer sunset theme. Stock up on a few of these at just $17.99 each.

H&M's Pink Wine Glasses

H&M’s Pink Wine Glasses

Pink Wine Glasses

H&M is currently offering a variety of cocktail and wine glass shapes with this pretty translucent pink base, and you’ll find a matching cake stand and complimentary pink tablecloths and cloth napkins on the site as well.

H&M's Stoneware Candlestick

H&M’s Stoneware Candlestick

Stoneware Candlestick

This fun branching shape is reminiscent of coral, and the clean white shade lets it blend right into whatever color scheme you’ve got going on. This one features four arms with different heights, measuring about 7.5 inches tall for $29.99.

H&M's Stoneware Cheese Board

H&M’s Stoneware Cheese Board

Stoneware Cheese Board

Compact and lightweight, this is just the right cheese board to take on a picnic or use as part of your outdoor dining set. Get it for $17.99.

H&M's Patterned Cotton Cushion Cover

H&M’s Patterned Cotton Cushion Cover

Patterned Cotton Cushion Cover

H&M really hit it out of the park with their second summer collection, a Mediterranean-inspired series of dreamy blue home decor that will make you feel like you’ve landed in Greece. This patterned cushion cover is among the standouts of the bunch, with an abstract motif just the right shade of azure. It’s made of 100% cotton and costs just $3.99.

H&M's Patterned Glass Vase

H&M’s Patterned Glass Vase

Patterned Glass Vase

A beautiful shade of blue swirls through clear glass in this round $24.99 vase; you can also get a matching larger cylindrical version for $39.99.

H&M's Large Terracotta Vase

H&M’s Large Terracotta Vase

Large Terracotta Vase

The Grecian theme continues with two large blue terra-cotta vases in fun graphic shapes drawing from ancient designs. The glazed terra-cotta vases have a matte finish and range from X to $39.99 in price.

H&M's Striped Throw

H&M’s Striped Throw

Striped Throw

Use this breathable cotton warm weather throw blanket as a decorative accent thrown across the arm of a chair or a lightweight cover when the evening breeze rolls in. Get it for $39.99.

H&M's Seagrass Candle Lantern

H&M’s Seagrass Candle Lantern

Seagrass Candle Lantern

No summer table is complete without a big candle lantern in the center. This one, made of seagrass and priced at $29.99, really captures the laid-back mood of warm evenings.

H&M's Seagrass Cotton Tablecloth

H&M’s Seagrass Cotton Tablecloth

Cotton Tablecloth

The casual, slightly irregular printed pattern on this $39.99 printed cotton tablecloth adds a fun touch to your dining table, and it’s neutral enough to go with virtually anything.

H&M's Watercolor Patterned Duvet Set

H&M’s Watercolor Patterned Duvet Set

Watercolor Patterned Duvet Set

How gorgeous is this watercolor duvet set? Turquoise, Aegean blue, and soft sandy pink meld together like waves on a beach. The King/Queen set comes with a duvet cover and two pillowcases for $79.99.

H&M's Large Cotton Rug

H&M’s Large Cotton Rug

Large Cotton Rug

A large casual cotton rug is just the thing to tie the room together. It matches both the Mediterranean blue collection and the sunset-hued items from this summer’s offerings, and costs $84.99.

H&M's Fish-Shaped Stoneware Serving Pieces

H&M’s Fish-Shaped Stoneware Serving Pieces

Fish-Shaped Stoneware Serving Pieces

These cute little fish-shaped platters and bowls are a fun way to serve your guests. They come in natural white and a variety of sizes starting at just $6.99.

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