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Outdoor Design Ideas With Movable Garden Structures

Outdoor Design Ideas With Movable Garden Structures

Designing an outdoor living area can be daunting, particularly when you feel like every decorating decision you make is set in stone. However, it is possible to create an outdoor space that can be changed slightly with movable garden structures. When we think of movable outdoor objects, we typically think of our patio furniture, bird feeders, and bird baths. All these items can be moved around to change the look or feel of your yard; however, there are a variety of other outdoor structures that can provide beauty and function because of their mobility.

Consider pots of annual flowers that can be moved as blooms fade in different parts of your garden and splashes of color are needed. Also, when you are entertaining, it is always nice to be able to move pots of flowers near the entry way or to an outside seating area where your guests can enjoy them. While hanging pots are not as easy to move, they can also be exchanged for one another if additional privacy or varying color is needed in an area.

Another garden structure that can be moved without too much trouble is a small fountain. They can usually be placed about anywhere you have electricity, and in fact, even that is not necessary if you’ve purchased a solar-powered fountain. One of the nicest things about a fountain is the background noise they create. The sound of moving water is very relaxing, and in an outdoor setting it can also be quite useful for drowning out other noises, like some nearby neighbors conversing, for example.

Solar landscaping lights are another great decorating element that’s portable. One option is to move your lights around in your yard or garden to accentuate various plants when they’re blooming or at the peak of their season. Portable solar lights are also great for providing some additional outdoor lighting in a particular area, as needed. For example, an evening barbeque or special outdoor dinner party might benefit from some extra outdoor lighting that’s easily moved around.

Most people don’t typically think of large outdoor structures such as garden arbors and pergolas as being portable, but it is possible! Many garden arbors feature special bases so they can be sat on a flat surface, such as a deck or patio, and moved around as needed. Often times, the bases can be weighted down on each side with pots of flowers, adding extra color and aesthetic appeal, as well. A portable garden arbor or pergola is a beautiful and easy way to decorate the entrance to an outdoor party or the front door of your home during a special occasion.

Don’t forget to also consider portable patio trellises and outdoor privacy screens in your decorating plans. A movable trellis or privacy screen is ideal for adding a little extra privacy wherever you might need it. Patio trellises are usually designed with a flat base, similar to portable arbors and pergolas, allowing you to reposition them easily. Some patio trellises even feature planter bases so you can plant flowers or vines to grow up the trellis, while still maintaining its portability! These items are wonderful for use in neighborhoods where privacy fences or tall hedges or bushes are not allowed.

When designing your outdoor living space, don’t feel like the layout has to be completely static. Movable garden structures such as pots of flowers, solar lights and portable garden arbors and patio trellises not only lend aesthetic appeal and utility to your design, but their portability also makes your space more flexible. By simply incorporating a few of these items, you can create an outdoor oasis that changes easily to meet your needs.