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Outdoor Lighting for Autumn Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Lighting for Autumn Outdoor Entertaining

With the advent of outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and even electric outdoor heaters, the outdoor living season is lasting longer than ever.  Of course, if you’re lucky enough to be from warmer climates that never had an issue with outdoor living season ending… well lucky you! We’re just happy to be able to join you!

However, sitting outside at my picnic table last night, I realized that it was getting darker earlier than usual.  It’s no surprise, after all the days will continue getting shorter every day until the winter solstice is upon us! But, it is no longer July and if September and October get-togethers are to last as long as May and June’s, outdoor lighting is essential.

Overhead Lighting: Overhead outdoor lighting works best to illuminate a whole area under a pergola, in a gazebo, or on a porch.  With options for outdoor pendant lights, outdoor chandeliers, and outdoor ceiling fans… you have a lot of different options.  Installing outdoor overhead lighting does lend the entire outdoor living spaces to a bit of elegance, so it will probably look best with patio furniture that can keep up stylishly!

Floor Lighting: For those without a lot of room on their outdoor dining tables, all-weather floor lamps will provide ample light.  With the ability to relocate an outdoor floor lamp to be near whichever group of patio furniture you’re using at the time makes it incredibly versatile.  Plus, if you’re planning to use your patio tables for board games and playing cards, this will leave table tops clear for family fun!

Table Lighting: Perfect for open air outdoor living areas under pergolas and on uncovered decks, outdoor table lights are the most portable.  Plug in and place on the table top when working on a project or game, then simply carry back in with you if you’re worried about inclement weather.  While these usually operate best on outdoor accent tables or patio coffee tables, they will sit in the middle or in the corner of a picnic table well too.

If the moon light isn’t providing enough of a night light in the late evening, that’s no reason to give up on enjoying your outdoor living space!  Whether you need outdoor lighting for neighborhood party, a simple family get-together, or a late-night escape with your favorite book… it’s important to choose the right kind of outdoor lighting to suit your style of patio furniture.

Have Fun!