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Proof That Vikings and Indians Fought in Dakota Before Columbus Arrived

Proof That Vikings and Indians Fought in Dakota Before Columbus Arrived

Rune Mysteries Dakota

Time for Vikings to unite and take back their heritage. Viking Runes and Artifacts have been discovered throughout the whole country. Let these articles be primers for you. Go to the Net and surf for more info. e-mail all your kindred with the info. Make hard copies before they are deleted by?

Lars J Hange, born in Denmark in 1837 wrote the book “Did the Norsemen visit the Dakota Country?” The Indian Legends of the Dakotas contain indications of our old Northern language. The church ministry under the directions of Archbishop of Breman shows that there were at least one thousand families in the American Colonies, in the Dakota area, in the 12th century. There is written proof of this in the Vatican library.

There are a least 100 words in Chipewa, Algonkin, Oneidas and other tribes that belong to our old Northern vocabulary.

The Scandinavians did visit the interior of the Dakotas long before the French and English Explorers.

There is a large Runic Inscription in Ludlow Cave in South Dakota. There are Runes inscribed below the neck of a Cow with Calf. The Runes M-L-T is a non-vowelled form of old Norse roots that mean ‘giving milk and milking.’

The petroglyph is the work of a Norseman. Probably a farmer for the instructions of Norse-Speaking youngsters, probably his own children, dated the twelfth Century.

Rune-Mysteries in Tennessee.

The famous “Thruston Tablet” was found in 1874 near Castilian Springs, Tennessee. It has a pictograph on both sides. It records a skirmish between Indians and Vikings.

Fredrick Pohl, author of several books on Viking evidence wrote about it in his book, “Viking Settlements of North America.” He tells of th battle. The pictograph is now in the Tennessee State Museum in Nashville. Look it up on the Net. Make hard copies before all our artifacts are deleted.