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Pros & Cons Of The Top 3 Roof Materials

Pros & Cons Of The Top 3 Roof Materials

There are 3 primary roof kinds American homeowners pick from when it is time to change their roof. Now we look at the professionals and downsides of each individual material to hopefully make the conclusion a minimal less difficult when it’s time to make your final decision!

Asphalt Shingles

The most common household roof type by considerably, asphalt shingles have several advantages that justify their best location.


  • The most affordable of all the roof kinds, they start out low-priced with 3-tab shingles and go all the way up to pricier designer shingles that replicate the additional pricey roof sorts like cedar shakes.
  • Seems terrific on most any dwelling.
  • Rather effortless to repair and preserve (if inspected consistently)
  • Simple to install with most installations using just a pair of days.
  • A good deal of wide range, even the pickiest of homeowners can obtain a thing they like.
  • Light-weight and strong


  • Particularly vulnerable to wind and hail hurt
  • Moss & mildew mature easily on asphalt shingles
  • In comparison to other roof styles, has a relatively limited lifespan, demanding substitute each individual 10 to 20 yrs (even though some perfectly preserved, larger-conclusion shingles can very last up to 30 a long time!).

Cedar Shakes/Cedar Shingles


  • Particularly durable. very resistant to wind and rain
  • Properly managed, cedar shakes/shingles can past a number of decades or much more.
  • Looks excellent to quite a few owners (magnificence is in the eye of the beholder of training course)
  • Ages like wonderful wine, seeking greater as the many years roll on.


  • Product is additional high-priced as is labor as just about every shake ought to be put in separately.
  • Also vulnerable to moss, mould, and mildew, householders need to strictly adhere to a normal servicing plan. Personal shakes ought to be changed by a roof contractor as quickly as they have to have to.
  • Unsightly to some men and women, cedar shakes look better on some households than other people

Steel Roofs

metal roof


  • Can previous as extensive as the household or setting up by itself, even outlast it!
  • Shrugs off wind and rain like it never transpired, primarily sturdy
  • Mildew, mildew, rot, even fireplace doesn’t section a metal roof, it’s resistance to these is legendary.


  • The most high-priced of the 3 widespread roof types the two in phrases of materials and labor
  • Hail damage could not impact the integrity of a metal roof but large adequate stones can leave unappealing dents.
  • Less expensive choices, like uncoated steel, can be loud when it rains, even though roof contractors can mitigate this with different strategies to dampen any noise noticeably. If you are likely for metal, shell out the revenue now to get the larger high-quality resources that make this a non-situation.
  • Repairs can be highly-priced. While metallic roofs are exceptionally resilient, if a mend demands to be done it can be quite costly in comparison to it is asphalt shingle cousins.

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