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Roll Top Desks Still Offer Unique Styling and Benefits

Roll Top Desks Still Offer Unique Styling and Benefits

Many years ago, somewhere between the 19th and 20th centuries, businesses often used the roll top desk because of the privacy the provided. They also enjoyed the top that conveniently rolls down and cover the mess of the workday. Today, many home businesses in particular, also enjoy the creativeness and versatility of the roll top desk over the conventional flat top desks.

An inventor from India, way back in 1829 created the original roll top desk. His name is Jacob Alles and he opened his own company manufacturing furniture at an early age. In an effort to sell his furniture he traveled all over America. To have something to do in his off time he did some whittling. From this the prototype of the roll top desk was born. Soon afterward, they were being sold everywhere.

Conventional desks have great drawers for storage and a large working surface but besides this the roll top desk also has many cubicles for organization and the top that is a built-in feature. The roll top portion is supported by several columns of drawers on each side and cubicles that line the back of the desk.

There are also partitions that support the slatted top on the sides of the desk. The roll top portion has slats that fit into grooves along the raised edges. This is why the top can easily go up or down.

A few of the advantages of the roll top desk is not only the top that covers up the day’s mess but the many cubicles and compartments that line the sides of the desk making it easy to keep things in place. There is a knee hole with drawers on either side and these often have locks making the desk a very private place for important documents. When the top is rolled up it completely disappears into the structure of the desk.

Still a popular choice the roll top desks today come in a large variety of shapes, styles and sizes with just as many choices in finishes. There are extremely modern versions that are massive in size as well as desks that are the right size for a child to use.

As an example of choices in the modern roll top desk is the deluxe version made of solid oak. The drawers are a solid maple wood that lines the sides. The style of the desk is made to accommodate a PC will all the accompanying office equipment. There is a pull-out tray for the fax or printer, letter and legal sized drawers for your files, trays for your CDs and an ample surface for work space. The top still rolls up and down but is made with steel ball-bearings in precision quality.

When choosing a desk for your home office you might prefer the vintage design of roll top desk also made in solid oak with solid maple drawers. This is a desk that looks very much like the originals sold in the late 19th century. These pieces are so beautiful they are something that can easily become family heirlooms. The construction, even though closely resembling the original desks, is made with steel ball-bearings crafted with high tech accuracy. The original design still makes this a lovely addition to any office, especially the home office.