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Stunning Singles Target Sugar Daddy Attention

Stunning Singles Target Sugar Daddy Attention

As stunning singles compete for online attention, some wealthy daters gain sugar daddy clout with curious new dating trend. As traditional online dating sites see declining membership, sugar daddy dating sites have become a hot new trend, but some demand a cool down.

This new breed of dating websites has caused a stir on the World Wide Web, becoming the topic of hundreds of blogs and forums that discuss the morality of no-strings-attached dating. Yet no matter where one stands on the issue, there’s no doubt that sugar daddies are finding new ways to get the attention only money can buy.

Many wealthy and successful professionals aren’t looking for conventional relationships anymore. According to one sugar daddy dating site, over 50% of sugar daddies report spending 8 out of 10 days at work. “My schedule is very full all of the time. I’m looking for a woman who I can spoil on the spur of the moment” says one sugar daddy dater.

The online wealthy dating trend has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Brandon Wade, creator and CEO of the largest sugar daddy dating site believes money plays a key role in attraction, “It’s a romantic relationship, and yes, money is involved, and money makes it easier to romance somebody” says Mr. Wade.

Some sugar daddies boast 7 figure incomes or pictures of their personal yachts and private jets on their stunning personals. A wide variety of wealthy individuals are creating sugar daddy accounts, including women. Sugar mamas are far less common, yet all the more sought after, as young and attractive men seek older, financially stable women to support them.

Most of the daters on mutually beneficial relationship sites are looking to set up a no-strings-attached arrangement. These arrangements usually involve one sugardaddy (or sugar mama) and one sugar baby, though some arrangements involve multiple members.

A far cry from a craigslist hook-up, these pre-planned relationships rely on conditions daters agree upon before the first date. This planning is made easier by features like “My Monthly Allowance” on one dating site, which allows young and attractive members to list their expected monthly contribution.

Girls who use physical beauty to garner sugar daddy support are stunning women across the country. Whether it’s help paying for college tuition, or a new Gucci hand bag, beautiful and stunning girls are creating profiles that flaunt their physical assets.