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Synthetic Rattan Furniture – The Alternative to Natural Rattan

Synthetic Rattan Furniture – The Alternative to Natural Rattan

Even though many people enjoy natural rattan furniture, you will find that there are others that appreciate the benefits associated with synthetic rattan. Therefore, if you are planning to purchase furniture for a conservatory, or some other room in your home, it may be worth your while to consider buying Synthetic Rattan Furniture. As you weigh your options, you may well find that synthetic rattan will be more suitable for your needs than other materials.

Fade Resistance

Synthetic Rattan Furniture is made from a special type of plastic that is attached to an aluminium frame. Typically, the polymers used to make this furniture are fully resistant to sunlight. Even if you place them on a sunny porch, or in an unshaded conservatory, they will maintain their vibrant colours for years on end. As an added bonus, you will never have to move them around, or make use of other methods to try and hide signs of fading.

Tolerance to Humidity and Temperature Changes

For the most part, natural rattan will last for a reasonable amount of time when it is exposed to humidity and seasonal temperature changes. On the other hand, if you happen to live in an area that collects a lot of dust or dirt, it may be very hard to keep natural rattan clean. When you purchase synthetic rattan furniture, you can simply wipe it off with soap and water. In most cases, you will find that synthetic rattan is much easier to clean than any other type of wicker furniture.

Durable, Safe, and Lightweight

If you have ever sat in outdoor plastic chairs, then you know that they are extremely lightweight. For example, if you have a plastic loveseat or table, it may not weight more than seven or eight kilograms. Typically, synthetic rattan furniture will not weigh much more. On the other hand, the woven patterns and delightful shapes are far more appealing than conventional plastic furniture. Without a question, if you want the perfect combination of durable and attractive furniture, synthetic rattan will suit your needs.

When you first see synthetic wicker or rattan furniture, you may not realize that it is constructed using man made materials. In most cases, you will only realize the difference when you look carefully at each individual strand within the weavings. Aside from being perfectly even and straight, you will also find that it will never develop splinters. This is very important to consider if you do not want guests or family members to get injured by furniture that is starting to wear out.