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The Backpacker’s Trail: Then And Now

The Backpacker’s Trail: Then And Now

In the past few decades, the backpacking culture has transformed; what has been a backpacker’s paradise before has become cemented roads today. The sense of adventurism of travelers, backpackers or not is revived because of cheaper air fare. This has transformed the ways in which backpackers travel and their actual destinations. It has also become more difficult to explore beyond the beaten path to somewhere remote, inexpensive, and relatively undiscovered.

Although Thailand is considered the number one destination for backpackers, other Southeast Asian countries are growing in popularity too. Backpackers don’t have to make Thailand as their only destination; there are Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia to welcome them.For travelers who have already been to Peru and the Galapagos, they can proceed to Panama, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile.

South Africa is no longer the most favorite destination in Africa since it has now become a recognized trail for backpackers. More off the beaten track, Tanzania and Malawi provide a more genuine African experience for backpackers today. If you want to venture out in places such as Vietnam and Tanzania, don’t forget to secure Vietnam visas and Tanzania visas before your next adventure.

Even Eastern Europe has its share of travelers from across the globe. Its tourism infrastructures like the Ljubljana’s Celica Hotel, a converted prison less than a kilometer from the city center is a unique example. In just a low price, you can experience an artistic Scandinavian design in the hotel’s bunk bed cells. From Celica, see the sights of the lovely Lake Bled.

Backpackers also have their eyes on China, Mongolia and Russia. Most of the travelers are taking the Trans-Siberian Railway, making it the main route. From Moscow, trains trek 9,289 kilometers to Vladivostok in one week. If you want to save on tickets, you could buy them in Russia. Being alone in a four-person cabin might seem unexciting to you, but, you can break the boredom by sharing a cabin with three passengers who will probably change along the way. This wholly transforms your backpacking experience.

Russian visas< are mandatory however, so you need to get one for yourself. Nothing can compare the price of being in a new place for the very first time, therefore processing your visas is all worth the hassle and cost.