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The Best Table Runners (2022)

The Best Table Runners (2022)

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A grey fabric table runner

A grey fabric table runner

Good decorations and stylish items are one of the most important things when it comes to making a space feel like home. Table runners can transform the appearance of any room by adding elegance and bright colors. They can be placed on just about any kind of table that you could think of. Plus, most of the models on the internet are incredibly cheap — making them affordable for everyone.

But with the number of selections available, it can be quite tricky to find a suitable table runner for your home. We evaluated thousands of options and handpicked a few of the top table runners of 2022 that you’re sure to love. So, without wasting any priceless time, let’s jump straight into these reviews!

Top Picks

Best overall: DII Table Runner

A woven table runner from Dll

A woven table runner from Dll

With over 30 years of experience in home decor, Dii is one of the most successful manufacturers of high-quality products in this niche. This woven, striped table runner is no exception. It features incredible workmanship and an elegant yet simple design. Apart from providing a decorative flair, its suitably thick and durable material will also protect your table from any unwanted scuffs and scratches. You can use this table runner year-round or for any kind of special occasion, including holiday dinners, family get-togethers, parties and more. It will beautifully decorate your dining room and make the events much more luxurious. Thanks to its stunning design and wide range of colors, this table runner stands out as the best available option right now.

Key Features:

Most stylish: OurWarm Table Runner

A farmhouse style table runner from OurWarm

A farmhouse style table runner from OurWarm

Boasting a macrame farmhouse and bohemian style, this particular woven table runner is unquestionably one of the most stylish options currently available. Its open fringe tassels are extremely soft and will look great hanging off both ends of your table. In terms of placement, this model is perfectly suitable for most dining tables, picnic tables, desks, dressers and even pianos. It’s also great for rustic-themed weddings or bridal showers. But what makes this table runner most special is the fact that it’s crafted using first-class sewing machines and is carefully inspected by professional technicians to ensure high quality.

Key Features:

  • Available in two styles

  • Made of cotton and burlap lace

  • Sizes in 12 x 72 inches or 12 x 108 inches

  • Hand washable with lukewarm water

Most simple: Solino Home Table Runner

A pure linen table runner from Solino Home

A pure linen table runner from Solino Home

If you want a simple and natural look for your table, this option from Solino Home is perfect for you! Leave a remarkable impression on all your guests with this all-new and high-quality linen table runner. It’s perfect for any sort of occasion and will highlight the beauty of your table and its contents, allowing all your meals and dishes to be the star of the show. In addition, this specific table runner has universal functionality. So, you will be able to place it both lengthwise and crosswise (depending on your needs). On top of everything, this product even arrives in a lovely personalized box to provide you with a memorable package opening experience and a safe place to store the table runner when not in use.

Key Features:

Most luxurious: Ozxchixu Table Runner

A table runner with diamante strip and tassels from Ozxchixu

A table runner with diamante strip and tassels from Ozxchixu

This particular table runner features one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and can easily withstand daily usage without exhibiting any visual signs of wear. But we can’t properly talk about the Ozxchixu Table Runner without mentioning its reversible luxurious design. With a silky bottom surface and a shiny, elegant design on the top side, this specific model offers an exceptional appearance for festive occasions, formal parties and family dinners. Each end features a stylish tassel to tie the look of your entire table together. It’s sure to upgrade the appearance of your home and wow any of your guests.

Key Features:

Most affordable: Socomi Table Runner

A pink chiffon table runner from Socomi

A pink chiffon table runner from Socomi

If you’re on the hunt for the most cost-effective option, then you should take the time to look at the sheer and romantic Socomi Table Runner. Whether you’re hosting a wedding party, holiday get-together or baby or bridal shower, this table runner is a beautiful decorative piece that will liven up the space. It also comes with two ribbons to tie the ends of the table runner for a more elegant and graceful look. You can pick from a few designs, including dusty blue, dusty rose, ivory, terracotta, mulberry and blushing rose.

Key Features:

Buyer’s guide: Finding a high-quality table runner

From different styles and colors to size dimensions and materials, there are certainly a ton of factors that you should pay crucial attention to before making the final decision on a table runner. But you don’t have to worry, because we created this detailed buying guide to help you find the right model for your needs and make the entire shopping experience fun instead of stressful.

What are table runners made of?

Table runners come in various types of fabrics for different purposes — here are some of them:


First up, we have cotton table runners. These models are extremely smooth and have a simple yet elegant appearance. Cotton table runners are also machine washable and require minimal maintenance in general.


Linen is one of the most common yet stylish fabrics. It can easily handle day-to-day usage without showing any significant wear and tear. Plus, unlike most materials, linen can also retain its color without fading. For the best look, you’ll likely want to iron your linen table runner to remove any wrinkles.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is completely moisture-resistant. Most of the table runners made from this fabric are pretty durable and can retain their shape even after a prolonged period. Be sure to select the gentle cycle or delicate option on your laundry machines when washing a polyester table runner.


Fabric blends include linen cotton, cotton twill and more. Table runners made of fabric blends appear artsy and display a unique style that is sophisticated yet still functional. The combination of fabrics determines their optimal cleaning process.


If you’re looking for a more lavish and elegant table runner for a formal occasion, a velvet table runner is a great option. They are incredibly shiny and have a smooth feel. But they do require high and special maintenance and can come at a pretty expensive price.


Silk is another great option that requires extensive care and has a high price point but looks fantastic at formal events and fancy dinners.

Choosing the perfect-sized table runner

The next thing that you should pay crucial attention to is the size of the table runner. There are two key aspects here: length and width.

Length: The ideal length will depend on the occasion. A casual table runner should have a 6 to 8-inch drop to look attractive and appear classy. But, if you are looking for a table runner to use at a formal dinner, then you should get a model that has a 10 to 15-inch drop as this appears more elegant and sophisticated.

Width: As a general rule, the width of the table runner should be at least one-third of your table. For instance, if your table is 60 inches in width, then you should preferably look for one that is around 20 inches across.

So, grab your trusty measuring tape and determine the dimensions of your table to make your shopping experience a successful one.

Selecting the most suitable style for your space

The style of table runner you choose will depend on the overall aesthetic of your room’s interior and the vibe you are aiming to create. Some options include:

1. Classic white

White table runners are a classic option for any occasion. Whether you need them for a casual dinner party or a formal event, these will never go out of style. They look great with a contemporary aesthetic and can easily match your dish set. Just be warned they can easily get dirty and require frequent washing.

2. Solid colors

If you want to spice things up, then you should consider getting a more colorful table runner. From avocado green to chambray blue, there are a ton of color options that you can choose from. Solid color table runners are perfect for casual or themed dinners and can brighten up the room.

3. Patterns

These types of table runners make the interior cozy with their popping colors and unique patterns. Generally, most people use them for casual or seasonal settings.

4. Stripes

Next up, we have striped table runners. This style adds a dramatic flair to your interior decor and looks decent with your furniture.

5. Checkers

A casual checkers design will certainly make your dinner feel like an unforgettable picnic at the park. They can be used regularly for any meal or occasionally during family get-togethers or barbeques.

6. Seasonal themes

If you enjoy hosting parties during holidays, then seasonal table runners are perfect for you. They come in a wide variety of themes and designs, such as nautical themes, holiday designs and special prints that reflect a range of events.

What is the typical price range of a table runner?

Typically, most table runners will cost you from as little as $10 up to $80. The range will hugely vary depending on the quality and reliability of the fabric, the overall size dimensions and the brand that made it.

Be sure to set up a clear budget before you start shopping — this way you will be capable of making the most reasonable purchasing decision and can save time by avoiding sorting through options you don’t want to splurge on.


Table runners are a super popular way to set and decorate tables for casual day-to-day use as well as special events. We hope that with the help of our exclusive reviews and comprehensive guide you will be capable of finding the most suitable option for your preferences.

People also asked

Q: What is a table runner?

A: A table runner is a piece of fabric used to add a bit of texture, design and color to your table. You can purchase them in many different styles and sizes to suit your surface.

Q: How should I clean and maintain my table runner?

A: You should regularly clean your table runner to get rid of any dust and prevent stains. The entire process can vary from one table runner to another. Generally, the best way to do this is by washing it in a laundry machine or by hand. You will be able to read the care instructions on the product tag or website before buying.

Q: Should I place a tablecloth under my table runner?

A: This depends on your personal preferences. Since the table runner will only cover a third of the entire surface, some people elect to use a tablecloth underneath it. Not only does this provide full protection to the table, but it can also create a distinctive appearance. Other people like the look of a table runner and placemats alone as this can allow the style of your table and array of dishes to shine.