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The Bike Wall Mount and Urban Living

The Bike Wall Mount and Urban Living

Figuring out how to navigate the city you live in is one of the biggest challenges of adulthood. Does your city have a reliable public transportation system? Do you need to learn how to parallel park? How far can you realistically walk when it’s 9 degrees in January or 102 degrees in July? A lot of people find bicycling to be a happy medium, being environmentally friendly, affordable, and quick. Biking has its own challenges, though. How do you make sure your bike isn’t stolen? And how do you store it in your home?

Different people have different solutions to these problems. For a lot of people, a regular cable lock or U-lock is the answer to thwarting thieves. Many cities and businesses invest in public racks where people can lock up their bicycles. Storage is another story, though. Space can be hard to come by in a city, and a bicycle can take up a lot of space in your apartment. A bike wall mount can come in different forms, but can both save room and turn your bike into a design element.

Taking up vertical space instead of horizontal space is one of the most urban strategies out there. By finding a spot in your apartment to store your bicycle upright, you can cut the space it needs in half. A good wall mount will hold it up and secure while taking unnecessary pressure off of your tires. If upright storage doesn’t appeal to you, you can find a rack that will hold it up off the ground. These racks can often double as shelves for books, movies, or for a helmet and water bottle.

Resorting to a bike wall mount can do more than save tons of space – it can help bring personal flair to your apartment or house. Racks come in tons of different styles, colors, and materials, and it shouldn’t be hard to find one that blends in seamlessly with your color scheme and overall aesthetic. If part of the appeal of biking for you is its environmental friendliness, you can easily get a mount made from repurposed materials, like old handlebars or cardboard. If you prefer a more post-modern, sleek aesthetic, you can find a minimalist rack made from polished wood or steel.

Finding the right mount can be as intimidating as any other piece of furniture, but just like any other piece of furniture, it’s easy to make a decision if you take some time to check out all your options and find something that is both good for your bicycle and for your apartment. If you’re willing to, you can transform what was once an awkward bike that took up a third of your home into a design element that takes up minimal space and blends in seamlessly with your interior.