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The Classic Beauty of Antique Georgian Furniture

The Classic Beauty of Antique Georgian Furniture

Anyone who likes to shop for antiques knows that a find from the Georgian period is very rare and can add timeless and classic beauty to your home. These pieces are worth quite a lot of money and will only increase in value because of their unique styling and elegant nature. Antique Georgian furniture was made during a time when furniture makers did not use machines or factory style assembly lines. All of the Georgian antique furniture was created by hand with loving care that shows in the intricate work and the sturdiness of the pieces.

The Georgian period of time is an almost 100-year time span from the early 1700s to the early 1800s. This era of King George is often divided up into three distinct periods: the Early Georgian era, the Mid Georgian era and the Later Georgian era. Each of these periods of time produced elegant and distinct pieces of furniture by some of the greatest and most well-known furniture designers ever.

During the Early Georgian period, master craftsmen designed and created antique Georgian furniture that featured such lavish details as gilded pieces and marble table tops. Prior to this era, marble and gilded accents were very rarely used, but they became incredibly popular in the early to mid-1700s. Such expensive additions to skillfully built wood pieces added feminine beauty to otherwise masculine wood furniture.

The Mid Georgian period was when the very popular Thomas Chippendale became famous for his use of gorgeous imported woods. He liked to build his handmade Georgian antique furniture with such woods as Virginia red walnut and mahogany. His legacy lives on in the many classic antique Georgian furniture pieces that are still around from his time.

The Later Georgian era was when some of the most well-known furniture designers ever emerged. The Adam brothers were two of these highly regarded builders of this period. They studied and utilized features from Greek and Roman art to create antique Georgian furniture that was ornately beautiful. They carved such details as ram’s heads, feet and husks into their pieces. George Hepplewhite was another notable Georgian designer. He utilized shield and heart shapes to make the backs of wood chairs. Thomas Sheraton also found notoriety during this time using very meticulous and heavily detailed shading on his pieces made of satinwood. He also created oval shell inlays for his pieces.

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