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Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 28, 2022

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 28, 2022
Wandering tree roots can induce challenges when lawnmowing and a steep threshold like this is an accident waiting around to happen. Photo credit: Siriporn Pintunun/Getty Visuals (still left) and image by Thomas Boyd (ideal)

In this week’s radio present, we’re providing tips on how to do away with a tripping hazard, offer with mason bees and deal with tree root difficulties.

Getting rid of a Tall Concrete Threshold

This tall concrete threshold, or stem wall, is a serious tripping hazard. (Photograph by Thomas Boyd)

The connected garage in Thomas Boyd’s Dimond Bar, Calif., house was developed with a stem wall, which makes the threshold at the doorway much too tall. To enter, a individual has to phase up and more than the nearly 6-inch threshold. 

He would like to know the very best way to eliminate this tripping hazard.

I have observed predicaments like this prior to produced a whole lot superior by making a ramp. Pour concrete on the outdoors of the stem wall for a 4 or 5-foot ramp. But that is not serving to if the inside of techniques back down.

The stem wall can be minimize out. I would remove the doorway and the body then use a facet grinder to lower on every single facet to prolong the jamb down. Then, rating the base of the stem wall to make it simpler to hammer out. 

Finally, consider a sledgehammer to split off the stem wall at the slab. As extensive as there isn’t any rebar heading by way of that, it must be quick to take out.

If you use the exact same door, there’ll be about a six-inch void on the major of the door body. To fill that room, place attractive crown molding on leading of the doorway, the two within and out. This will make it appear intentional. Or, you could order a tailor made doorway, but that will be a pricier choice.

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Dealing With Mason Bees

Nesting mason bees can induce home owners troubles, but they should not be eradicated completely. (Antony Cooper/Getty Visuals)

A caller states mason bees are feeding on the brick mortar of her household and nesting inside of. She wants to know how to evict them once and for all. 

First of all, the mason bees are not in fact eating the mortar. They are nesting inside cracks and crevices that are presently in the mortar. 

They’re termed mason bees mainly because they are cavity-nesting bees. They’ll make their households in any minor gap, crevice, crack, or tunnel.

For the bees to be nesting inside of her brick mortar, the cracks had been currently there in the first place. The lengthy-expression resolution will be to fill any spots in the mortar that are open.

Really don’t use any pesticides to check out to remove them. These bees are advantageous to your back garden since they are pollinators. 

Mason bees glance like honey bees but they never develop honey. And in contrast to honey bees, they do not dwell in colonies.

Owning a mason bee property close by will distract them from nesting in your household. (Mason Vranish/Getty Photographs)

To continue to keep the bees from nesting in your brick mortar, you can create a bamboo mason bee residence. Glue parts of bamboo with each other in a frame and hold them in a tree subsequent to your household.

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Tackling Tree Root Difficulties

Uncovered tree roots can cause crooked pavers and damage a lawnmower. (Siriporn Pintunun/Getty Photographs)

Tree roots are interrupting a caller’s mowing program and pushing pavers out of area. Here’s what she demands to do.

If the grade of your property will allow, put a few of inches of soil on major of the roots and plant some grass seed so you can mow about it.

If the roots are protruding too higher for grass to develop above it, plant some groundcover plants or spread mulch all around them. That way, you won’t want to fear about mowing that place.

For the roots in close proximity to the pavers, connect with an arborist prior to you lower them. Some trees can tolerate their roots being cut, but it can destroy other folks. 

If the roots can be slice, pull up the pavers, slash the root out, then backfill it and switch the pavers.

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