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Unique Scandinavian Interior Design

Unique Scandinavian Interior Design

Reflections of the timeless beauty of Scandinavian interior design are back in the home front of many households. A blend of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian creativity has made Scandinavian interiors into what it stands for today.

Scandinavia, as a country, is marked for its poor sunlight and probably this is the reason why Scandinavian interior design is created in a fashion that fills up an airy and well-lit room. The hallmark of these designs lies in its stylish yet casual look. Color combinations lean more towards the pastel light shades of beige, white, light blue etc., with an exception being made with the bright red that contrasts well with the remaining lighter shade tones.

The typical fabric used in designing most interiors is mostly from cotton or linen stripes or checks. Variations are also available in the form of floral patterns that complement the Scandinavian appearance. As far as their furniture goes, the wood used is excellent quality of pine, beach or ash and usually the sleek look dominates the range of furniture. Cushioning with adequate comfort and ease is provided.

Slender and tapering legs carved into perfection typically characterize the furniture. The highlight of their design is the feel of space it provides doing away with any clutter. The high-walled ceilings, along with floors, made from hardwood provide a spacious impact to the surroundings. Since sunlight is limited, the lighting is given due prominence with plenty of chandeliers, lamps and mirrors. Accessories such as wreaths or candles etc. are placed without much crowding and a few striped rugs thrown in for a complete aesthetic look.