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Victorian Era Dollhouses – What to Know Before You Start

Victorian Era Dollhouses – What to Know Before You Start

As a miniature dollhouse builder, you are acting as an architect. Perhaps you are an architect! Whether you’re a long time professional or a first time amateur, it’s vital that you recognize and understand the authentic style of the house you are trying to build. If you’re going to build or decorate a Victorian era doll house, research the construction, architect and design of these homes to ensure that your doll house is as accurate as possible.

If you are going to purchase doll house kits rather than building your own, it can still be very helpful to understand the design of the home to aid you in your decorating process. Doll house miniatures are available from every era and time period so there’s no reason why your miniature dollhouse shouldn’t be authentic.

In this article, lets review the construction and interior design of a Victorian style home, starting with the architecture. Victorian homes are from 1840 to the 1900s and tend to be one-of-a kind and creative. This is because architects often designed the buildings as they went and mixed and matched according to their tastes.

Victorian style homes are known to have irregular sides, steep roofs, unique chimneys, extensive porches and uneven floor plans. This is what makes them one-of-a kind and your miniature doll house should reflect this charm.

The roofs tend to be not only really high, but also pitched with patterned shingles. The porches often wrap around the entire home and sometimes feature outdoor rooms or gazebos. Fireplaces are almost always present in this style of house (and miniature doll house) because they were built before gas or oil heating features. The irregular sides come from a combination of the porches, bay windows and fireplaces.

Interior design in a Victorian home is another important feature to consider when furnishing your dollhouse. The décor was used to express femininity and wealth. Wallpapers and furniture was generally elaborate and very decorative. Decoration is inspired by the British Empire and Egyptian and Oriental styles. Popular wood included mahogany and teak and furniture was made from thick, heavy, wooden designs and accented with velvet or leather.

These are all important things to consider during your building and decorating process. Because the Victorian era boasts such elaborate homes, it may be a good idea to start with Victorian doll house kits rather than building your own. Either way, there are dollhouse miniatures available in retail stores and at many online sites.