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Web Site Design Myth – Your Web Design Has to Take Advantage of Every Pixel on the Web Page

Web Site Design Myth – Your Web Design Has to Take Advantage of Every Pixel on the Web Page

There is a myth in web design that you have to use every pixel on every page and not leave any empty spaces. This myth is not true. Empty space, or white space as it is often referred to, is not a bad thing in your web site design. To bust this myth I’ll show you why crowding the page with too many elements and what you can achieve by with a simple “Crisp and Clean” web design.

The myth of cluttered web design:

Every pixel of my web site is valuable real estate and by placing as many elements as possible I make the most of that real estate!

This is a very logical assumption, however, there are a good few reasons why this is not true. First of all, too many elements on a web site will rarely look very good. It confuse the reader because there are so many things to look at that he or she doesn’t know where to go. With the possible exception of a less confusing web site!

That brings me to the next reason why the above assumption is false. It is true that a website is a valuable piece of real estate that you want to make the most of. However, you do not make the most of your website if you don’t make it clear to the visitor what you want him to do! The cardinal point of any business website is to make its objective crystal clear to the visitor.

The final point I want to stress about cluttered web design is this: placing too many elements on the page makes it more difficult to read! That in turn means that the visitor will most likely choose not to read it!

Here are the main reasons why it’s best to keep your web design “Crisp and Clear”:

  1. Visitors will not get confused as easily.
  2. Visitors will know exactly what you want them to do.
  3. The readability of your website will be far, far better!

Myth: I need to use every pixel of my website.

Outcome: Myth busted!