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What Exactly Does The Warranty On Your Cat Furniture Cover?

What Exactly Does The Warranty On Your Cat Furniture Cover?

So your cat tree came with a warranty, but what does it cover? The dog chewed up one of the scratching posts on your cat tree, is that covered under warranty? Your significant other sat on one of the shelves or perches and it broke into several pieces, can you get that shelf replaced under warranty?

It pays to ask about a warranty before purchasing a product. By asking exactly what a warranty covers before the purchase, your expectations are set accordingly. Most every manufacturer offers a warranty with their cat furniture, however not all warranties are equal.

Some manufacturers warranties are strictly for a defect in the product or the workmanship. Defective product might be, for example, the base of the cat tree is not flat and wobbles when kitty jumps on it! That would be covered under warranty as a defective part and would be replaced and shipped to you at no additional cost. If for example your dog chews up one of the scratching posts, this is not a defect in workmanship or parts, so shame on your doggie, not covered under warranty! Most warranties that are specific to defective product actually end when you accept the product. When you open the box and assemble your cat tree and you see a defective part, it must be reported to store you purchased it from right away to have the part replaced.

In another example, your husband/wife sat on one of the perches and it breaks into several pieces, since cat furniture is not made for humans, there isn’t a cat furniture manufacturer in the world that will cover this damage under warranty.

In our last article we talked about Pussicat Premium Cat Furniture and what materials are used in the manufacturing process. Today let’s talk a little about the Pussicat warranty. We have already talked about how Pussicat Premium Cat Furniture allows you to build your ideal cat tree by selecting individual components and also offers a wide range of standard trees. If budget is an issue, you can start small and add components at a later time. You can pick your color preference and even select a two tone color combination. Pussicat is made in the USA. Pussicat offers an extra large base for those heavy duty kitties and will build the base of the tree according to the floor type (wood, tile, carpet) that the tree will be placed on.

Pussicat products come with an unconditional 2 year factory direct warranty even on their scratching posts. The single component that your feline friend(s) will ultimately use the most is the scratching post. Pussicat has been manufacturing Cat Trees for three decades and has never had to replace any of their scratching posts! We could not find any other cat tree manufacturer with a warranty that even comes close to Pussicat. An unconditional warranty is exactly what it says “unconditional”, it doesn’t get any better than that!