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What Is Custom Made Ready To Assemble (RTA) Furniture?

What Is Custom Made Ready To Assemble (RTA) Furniture?

Ready to assemble furniture has grown to be more popular in recent years due to some high quality companies providing a superior product. In the old days of RTA furniture, almost everything was made of cheap particle board and cheap parts. This made for a poorly made product, that could be had for next to nothing in comparison to showroom quality furniture. Now, however, you have more options than these poorly made examples of RTA furniture. Now, you can get what is called custom made RTA furniture.

The biggest difference in custom made RTA furniture and the traditional RTA types is in the quality. Custom RTA furniture is usually made with high quality wood frames and absolutely no particle board or cheap parts. In fact, most custom made ready to assemble furniture offers a lifetime guarantee. That is a far cry from the typical 90-day warranty that one might get with cheap RTA options. The frames in a custom RTA couch for example, is very comparable to the frames one might find on much more expensive furniture options.

Typically, RTA furniture is used by folks that want to solve a space problem. Ready to assemble furniture offers the person with a tight space, tight doorway or stairwell or other similar problem to still have furniture. The cheaply made RTA furniture can be assembled, but it might take hours to do so. They often come with a cheap tool and horribly complicated instructions that even the most handy person might struggle with. Custom ready to assemble furniture also upgrades in this area by making the furniture easy to assemble. The best custom made options offer assembly with no tools, and instructions so easy it can be done in minutes. Even children have been known to be capable of putting this impressive furniture together.

While quality and ease of assembly are very good reasons to go with custom made RTA options in favor of the cheaper ones, an even more convincing reason exists – superior customer service. Only one or two companies offer custom made RTA furniture like what I write of, and they both offer a very simple business philosophy – make the customer happy regardless. This leaves the customer walking away feeling great about their attractive furniture. Good customer service is a luxury in this business, and great customer service is nearly unheard of. You will get great customer service every single time from these companies.

Choices are another great reason to go with custom ready to assemble furniture. When you buy the cheaper options, you are going to be choosing from a handful of colors, fabrics and styles. With custom made ready to assemble furniture you are looking at literally thousands of different combinations that you could create. The fabrics, accessories and furniture quality in general is superior in every way.

Custom made ready to assemble furniture is the number one choice when you have a tight spot to fit furniture. Going with the cheaper alternatives in the RTA market are sure to leave you dissatisfied, so why not just go with the best to start with? Ready to assemble that is custom is the way to go.