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What is Your Outdoor Furniture Style?

What is Your Outdoor Furniture Style?

Society has progressed to the point that we not only want our homes to look great on the inside but also attractive, relaxing and comfortable on the outside. Our gardens, patios, verandahs, balconies are no longer just made up of plants, grass and an old chairs or a couch to sit on. We now view our outdoor area as an extension to our home. Space that we can feel relaxed, have breakfast, be happy, carefree, have dinner, read, entertain or simply to collect our thoughts. How do we create this? The options available are endless so I will only point out some main ones to consider.

Structures – patios, gazebo’s, huts, pergolas, shade sails, screens, fences, awnings, blinds
Flooring – concrete patterns, brick pavers, cobble stones, decking
Lighting – ceiling, wall, garden, fairy lights, sensor lights, candles
Lawn – natural grasses or synthetic varieties
Water – fountains, pools, spas, sprinklers
Plants – shrubs, trees, flowers, oriental plants, synthetic plants, planter boxes, vases
Seating – constructed of plastic, wrought iron, solid timber, other synthetic types
Seating Types – dining, chaise lounge, love seats, sofas, bar stools, patio, poolside, table shape
Other – painting, ornaments, gnomes, vases, heaters, barbeques, fans, mats, art pieces

Where do you start? First have a good look at how much space you have. Then decide what you want your outdoor area to be used for- children’s play section, reading, dining, and socializing with family and friends, having barbeques. Do you like greenery? Do you have pets to accommodate? Does it have to be low maintenance? How often do you want to utilize your outdoor area? Will it be used during the day, night or both? When you know the answers to these questions then the next step is to budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune. Obviously, the larger structures will have more of an instant impact in your outdoor area, but you may not be able to afford them at the moment. Remember, you don’t have to create your ideal outdoor area in a week but you do have to plan to get the desired result. Simply updating and upgrading your seating can make a huge difference not only to the look of your outdoor space but make it a more inviting place to be.

A very popular choice is wicker furniture. The type that is specifically designed for the outdoors has many attributes. If made with Viro, a polyethylene fibre, the furniture is extremely durable, highly flexible, colored throughout, can withstand extreme temperatures, non-toxic and easy to maintain. If also made with powder coated aluminum frames it gives the furniture more strength, rust proof and light weight making it easier to move around your outdoor area. There are many different styles to choose from dining sets to poolside pieces, gardening sets, patio sets, bar sets. If you really want to co-ordinate your outdoor area with your indoor area some wicker furniture companies offer a choice of all-weather rattan colors and cushions. It may take some time to receive your custom order but the wait would be worth it for that unique outdoor look.

May be you have a small home but a large outdoor area. It makes sense to extend your livable space outside. So the action plan should be Area – Use – Budget – Plan – Buy – Create.