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Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

Wind Chimes and Feng Shui

The Beauty and Art of Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are very common now and could be found in a lot of stores, both online and offline. But did you know that they go back a long way in history?

The earliest known chimes were found in India, where they were known as wind bells. These bells were soon found in China, Japan, and all throughout Asia. At that time, they were primarily used in large temples and pagodas to scare off evil spirits and birds. They soon made their way to homes and other places because they were believed to bring good fortune. It was the Japanese furin, or glass wind bells, along with chimes made out of metal and porcelain, that eventually found its way to the Western cultures of Europe and America.

Uses of Wind Chimes

As these evolved in design and materials, so did their uses. Aside from the original religious functions of chimes, it was also used to predict weather patterns by noting the changes in wind direction.

Here are some common uses of the wind chime at present:

• It beautifies your home.
Modern day wind chimes, however, are used primarily as home decors. Most people hang these outside their windows or on porches, while others place it inside their houses near the air conditioning units, fans, or vents.

Quite simply, they add beauty to any area it is placed. With varied designs and materials, one can choose the perfect chime for his or her home. In fact, there is one for every design philosophy, from classical to minimalist to modern, from plain designs to intricate and colorful masterpieces.

• It calms your senses.
The soothing sound of chimes also makes it a good tool to bring in calmness and serenity to those who hear it. It creates a lyrical and pleasant ambience. As a matter of fact, there are people who bust their stress simply by listening to these chimes.

• It creates music; soothing to the ears.
In the music world, they are regarded as a percussion instrument. It was employed by several musicians such as David Sitek, Giles Swayne, and Oliver Messiaen. Admittedly, however, the tunes produced by wind chimes are random. Still, it makes for a great sound, which you could easily incorporate with your favorite chill-out tunes.

• It changes your luck.
Wind chimes have always been thought to bring good luck. For believers in feng shui, they facilitate the flow of positive chi or energy into a household or any area where it is placed. Feng shui fanatics prefer wind chimes with six to seven brass rods for optimum good chi.

Wind Chimes for Your Garden and Outdoor Space

They are perfect for any natural setting such as an outdoor veranda, patio, or garden. For one, they are made of materials that match perfectly with the outdoors. Stainless steel, sea shells, ceramics, porcelain, and wood do not only make beautiful sounds, they can also withstand any outdoor weather conditions.

Wind chimes in your garden can create a more welcoming feel, which is perfectly relaxing if you are the type of person that stays in your garden to look at the flowers or feel the breeze of fresh air. It can literally make your garden sing with the gentle wind.

Wind chimes in your garden or in other natural settings can help bring a moment of relaxation, while also beautifying the place.