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Wind Chimes – Not Just for the Patio

Wind Chimes – Not Just for the Patio

Wind chimes have long been utilized as a melodic, visually striking addition to outdoor décor. From small chimes hung from tree branches to substantially larger, booming chimes hung from the beams of a patio, chimes have enhanced the outdoor living space. Now, with the introduction of smaller chimes, most measuring from thirteen to nineteen inches, we have the opportunity to bring the music indoors.

In this hectic society, it is often hard to find a quiet moment for oneself. Imagine coming into your den or family room, sitting in your favourite chair or couch and listening to the gentle, bell like sound of a wind chime moved by the air current of your heating/air conditioning system. Tension recedes; blood pressure decreases. All the benefits of music therapy provided by a small wind chime fashioned for indoor use.

With their smaller, overall length, these chimes can be hung from a bracket in the kitchen, positioned to catch the breeze from a window or an air duct. Imagine your morning coffee enhanced by the gentle sound of a wind chime tuned to the tones utilized in ancient Gregorian chant, which is often used as an aid to lowering blood pressure.

For office or den use, consider placing a chime on a desk stand created for this purpose. Here again, position the stand so the chime can be activated by air currents from a window or air duct. This same stand could be placed in the bedroom on a dresser or desk. Do you have an end table or coffee table in the living room which would benefit from a visual, musical accent? Survey your living quarters. Here is a chance to add beauty for both the eye and the ear.

There are a vast variety of tunings from which to choose. In addition to the Gregorian tuning previously mentioned, some chimes have been designed utilizing the precepts of Feng Shui. Complement the placement of your furniture with a musical interpretation of this ancient art. Add the randomness of breeze sounded tones and you introduce another level of stress reduction.

Sensory integration has become a buzz word in early childhood education. Incorporate it in your indoor environment by adding an auditory element to the visual and, for the truly blessed, the olfactory contribution provide by the scent of cookies baking in the kitchen. The relaxation promoted by the addition of music to your living space is well worth the effort, and fun, of finding the indoor chime best suited to your tastes.